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Giving Consumers & Businesses Facts About Leading Passive Tracker

Consumers, companies and law enforcement agencies all invest in GPS tracking systems for a variety of very different monitoring applications. Therefore, the demands that each user requires from their car tracking solution may be different at times. After receiving a number of questions from potential customers about the GPS Tracking Key Pro, Tracking System Direct has decided to post the following information that may help businesses or consumers interested in the device discover if the passive solution is the best fit for them, or if they will require a real-time monitoring solution.

11 Questions About Passive Tracking Technology Answered

1. We want to track vehicle mileage and be able to produce reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Can the Pro accommodate this, or do we need a live tracking unit?

Both GPS Tracking Key Pro and SilverCloud GPS log data regarding miles traveled.  Data from the Tracking Key Pro is extracted through past-Track Software. Data from SilverCloud is stored on our servers and the user can generate a historical report while logged in, or through the use of the Victoria program.  This real-time program can generate historical reports from a real-time tracker and display them in a .las file, which can be opened with the Past-Track Software.

2.  We want to be able to track vehicle movement on any particular day and store data for many days of driving so that we can go back and review particular days if necessary. Will passive tracking technology perform this task?

Both the SilverCloud GPS and Pro devices log historical tracking data.  Battery life for the Pro can reach as high as 100 hours of movement when equipped with a high-grade battery, while the SilverCloud GPS tracker gets about 15 hours of movement.  The pro stores up to 100 hours of activity on the device, but once you download and save the information from Past Track, you can clear the memory with the confidence that the data is saved on your computer.  As mentioned above, SilverCloud GPS data is stored on our servers from the time of activation. This data is saved for life, allowing you to access hisotorical data at anytime!

3.  We want to be able to download information from Past Track to a spreadsheet or database wherein we can set flags or reminders to help us schedule and monitor vehicle maintenance schedules based on mileage, unless Past Track has this capability already.

The activity reports that Past Track generates can be exported into Excel:

If you have Microsoft Excel 97 or later, you can open HTML documents in Excel in order to create charts or do further analyses. Here’s how:

  • While viewing in your browser the web page that contains the data you want to work with further, select “File” and then “Save As…”.
  • Navigate to the directory/folder to which you want to save the data.
  • Verify that the file type is “HTML Files” (Netscape) or “Web Page, HTML only” (Internet Explorer).
  • Press the Save button.
  • In Excel, select “File” and then “Open…”.
  • Navigate to the directory/folder where you saved the data.
  • Change the “Files of type:” to “HTML Documents”.
  • Select the file you saved and click “Open”.
  • Delete any unnecessary cells such as the header and any navigation links.

Be sure to use the “Save As…” command to save the file as a Microsoft Excel Workbook in order to keep any analyses or charts that you may have added.
The user should take note that the default stop duration setting in Past Track is 10 minutes, but this can be easily lowered to display shorter stops and provide more accurate insight into where the vehicles are taking on mileage.

4.  We want to be able to compile data from multiple vehicles into a single database format so that we can get an overall view of our company’s multiple vehicle usage, unless that capability already exists in Past Track.  This means being able to tag data within the database as being from a particular vehicle.

The best bet on this one would be to export activity reports for each separate vehicle into an Excel spreadsheet and then combine those spreadsheets for easy comparison; creating a separate folder on their desktop for each vehicle should make saving the corresponding .las files easy to organize.

5.  We want to have each vehicle have its own personal GPS tracking system and for those devices to be wired to the car battery so that they will not require monitoring for battery life.

Both the passive and real-time devices can be hardwired or powered through a cigarette lighter adaptor, excluding the original GPS Tracking Key

6.  We want all data for a particular vehicle / device stored in a single file……..not multiple files corresponding to multiple downloads from the device.  Preferably that file could hold data for multiple vehicles / devices and differentiate between vehicles / devices for reporting purposes.

Not sure if this is possible, as described in answer #4.

7.  We have 4 different “regions” in which our company functions, it would be beneficial to be able to create vehicle “groups” for reporting purposes so that we could stratify vehicle data by region.

With the SilverCloud GPS, you can assign each device to a specific group.  There is a drop-down menu when you log in where you can choose to view devices from a specific group at one time and only those devices will appear on the screen. The Tracking Key Pro does not have the ability to organize user by groups since each unit operates individually.

8.  We have multiple people using different vehicles on a regular basis, no one vehicle is used solely by one person, so it would be beneficial to be able to tag vehicle usage by vehicle operator, even with a single vehicle being used by different people in a single day. Is this possible?

The Best bet in this case would be to relate the time each different employee was on the clock with the times noted in the historical playback/activity reports that both devices are able to generate.

9.  Many of our vehicles visit the same locations over and over again. Therefore, it would be nice to be able to tag a particular location with a recognizable name rather than as a GPS coordinate or a street address.

With the SilverCloud GPS, the user can define a “geofence” region, label it whatever they like, and set up email/SMS alerts so that every time a vehicle enters or leaves that defined region, the relevant parties will be notified. Passive devices do not have the ability to transmit alerts as they are only GPS receivers.

10.  It would be nice to be able to print usage statistics on an “operator” basis as well as on a “vehicle” basis and to do so for a variety of time frames, ie daily, weekly, monthly and so on. Would this at all be possible

Reports are generated based on the device, so again the best bet would be to filter the operator’s use by comparing the employee’s time on the clock to the timestamps on the device’s activity reports.

11. If we decide on passive tracking systems, we will be purchasing in bulk. Is there a possibility that Tracking System Direct could provide a price break for a sizable purchase?

Certainly, families, businesses or government agencies interested in purchasing GPS tracking systems in bulk will qualify for a discount on hardware. The discount will depend on the number of units purchased. Please speak with a Tracking System Direct representative about bulk ordering before the purchase, as discounts will not be applied retroactively.