Tracking Key Pro Information


GPS Tracker Information For Businesses & Consumers

Record Every Stop A Driver Makes!

  • GPSPro-packaging-frontDocument 100 Hours Of Driving Data!
  • GPS Tracking With NO MONTHLY FEES!
  • Improve Safe Teen Driving Habits!
  • Increase Employee Productivity and Accountability!

Learn everywhere a driver has been, how long they were there for, addresses arrived/departed, speeds driven and more with the GPS Tracking Key Pro!

GPS Tracking Key Pro is a small pocket-sized GPS tracking system that redefines power and efficiency. Receiving signals from Department of Defense satellites, this GPS tracking unit accurately determines vehicle location within 2.5 meters and records data every second. GPS Tracking Key Pro allows anyone to discover how fast a person drove, where they traveled, where they stopped and for how long. The included user-friendly software will display data over an animated street map, Google Earth or in a daily driving text report.

Designed to meet the extended monitoring needs of businesses and law enforcement agencies, the GPS Tracking Key Pro can record approximately 100 hours of data on only two (2) AA batteries! The GPS data logger also provides additional power options, allowing users to connect the device via cigarette lighter adapter or permanent hardwire. No vehicle-monitoring device on the market even comes close to the power-efficiency of the GPS Tracking Key Pro.

GPS Tracking Key Pro Features:

  1. Replay Every Location A Vehicle Traveled
  2. Record 30 Days Worth Of Data (100+ Hours)
  3. Exterior Magnet Mount Offers Outside Placement
  4. Easy USB Download
  5. Displays Location, Date & Time Of Every Stop
  6. Records Maximum Speed Driven
  7. Multiple Viewing Options
  9. Hardwire & Cigarette Lighter Power Options

The compact rugged design of the car tracker with no monthly fees is perfect for those in need of a covert and durable monitoring solution. Place the GPS Tracking Key in the center console, glove box, under the front/passenger seat or underneath the car via magnetic mount to capture driving data every second!

With a powerful exterior magnet mount providing instant mounting options, the GPS Tracking Key Pro will covertly document driving activity with accuracy and precision.


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