Tracking Our Every Move


Gathering Your Personal Data

GPS Tracking Nowhere Near Is Bad

computer_privacyOne of the practices that still has some negative stigma associated with it is the practice of GPS tracking. Although the monitoring technology has been widely recognized as a cost-effective and efficient way to boost fleet management operations, some people still do not look favorably upon GPS technology with consumer applications.

The consumer applications that receive the most criticism are teen tracking and relationship verification.

With so many privacy advocates up in arms over the use of monitoring technology, many people have turned a blind eye to the real privacy problem that affects every single person every single day. The problem is personal information that is being stolen every single day by big companies  in an attempt to better market toward us.

Gathering Private Data Borderline Illegal

Google was one of the first companies that were exposed for their questionable practices of gathering data. What the California-based company did that caused a controversy was their team of street view cars would travel around photographing areas for the companies’ popular satellite image program while being equipped with Wi-Fi antennas. As they would drive around they would lock onto unsecured networks and steal people’s personal data. It is not known what information was gathered, but the situation has got the attention of congress who is now investigating the matter to see if any laws were broken.

Facebook was another company that made headlines and faced harsh criticism over the way they handled user’s private data. This could be viewed as even more alarming than the Google situation because the popular social networking site now has over 500 million users, and is the most visited website in the world. Facebook received criticism over a range of issues that included data mining, possible release of personal information and more.

Unfortunately, for people who feel their privacy is something that needs to be protected at all times, the world has changed and is not going back. If you drive a company vehicle, there is a good chance that vehicle could be equipped with a real time GPS tracker. If you go online, there is a 100% chance your personal information will be gathered, monitored and stored in some form so that companies can better market products to you.