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Police Tools Becoming Tools For Consumers

Even with expensive locks, cutting edge alarm systems, and anti-theft devices, homes and cars are still broken into. More often than not, families and individuals find themselves losing expensive, irreplaceable possessions. After such an experience, theft victims have two dilemmas. One, how do they retrieve their stolen valuables? And two, how do they find the culprit who stole them? Not long ago, these two difficulties had limited solutions. Police had to track criminals down using unclear clues and other, less stable types of evidence.

Today, both problems can have the same, easy answer. While the traditional methods of clues and evidence still apply in today’s world, a new and sometimes more reliable means of tracking and finding criminals and stolen goods exists. If you are facing a theft situation, GPS tracking systems can both help the police find your stolen possessions as well as assist them in tracking down the thieves. This is because police can now easily place a GPS tracker on your car covertly.

For example, this winter, police were able to track down two criminals, Jeffrey M. Rice and Steven A. Glanz, who were accused of breaking into almost 300 cars to steal items such as laptops and cell phones. Investigators placed a GPS tracking device into Glanz’s car and therefore gathered enough information to indict Rice and Glanz.

Police GPS trackers are now available for consumer purchase. 

Similarly, worried owners of valuable goods can place a GPS device on their valuables before a theft takes place. Both the owners and police benefit from this foresight. The police use the hidden GPS tracking device to track the item to the thief, recovering the possession while also arresting the criminal. In one such circumstance, Michael Lander and his wife fell victim to the GPS method of nabbing suspects. The pair made a living from breaking into vacant homes, stealing appliances, and selling them. When they stole a refrigerator outfitted with a live GPS tracker, the police tracked it to the unsuspecting buyer, and the Landers’ career ended.

One of the most sought after GPS monitoring systems for theft-recovery functions is a device known as the SilverCloud  tracking system. However, police agencies seeking a car tracker with no monthly fee often choose a data logger such as the Flashback GPS.

If you have expensive possessions or treasured heirlooms, live in a high theft area, or simply desire to protect your investments, you may want to consider purchasing a GPS tracking device. Initially these devices will incur some expenses, but if the safety of your valuable (sentimental or monetary value) possessions is seriously at stake, the price of such a device is worth the investment. Better to spend the money now than to pay the cost of regret later.