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Tracking System Catches Bank Robber

bank robbery

Tracking System Follows Bank Robber

Man Gets Away With Money And GPS Tracker

bank-robberyGregg Drew, a man who seemingly was living a good life, was recently arrested for robbing a bank in the Memphis area after a GPS tracking system led authorities to his house in East Memphis. What is surprising about this story is that Drew was not only the owner of a famous nightclub/bar called the Poplar Lounge, but he was also a successful real estate appraiser. However, all of his successes were trumped when he made the wise decision to walk into a Trust One Bank one evening and commit bank robbery. Drew walked into the bank disguised in a fake wig, mustache, yellow tie, and white mask, waiving his silver pistol in the air barking at a teller to “give me all the money!”. Drew escaped with over $6900 in his black trash bag, but the quick-witted teller also threw a GPS tracking system in the bag which eventually led authorities to Drew’s home.

Law enforcement authorities had an easy time catching Drew as they followed the GPS tracking system that transmitted his location in real-time. Once the police arrived at his home a small standoff occurred where Drew explained that his business was failing and that he intended on killing himself. Not to many people’s surprise, he also admitted to sniffing multiple grams of cocaine. After a few hours, Drew threw down his gun and surrendered to law enforcement authorities.

He is now in Shelby County Jail awaiting trial.

Authorities found the silver gun, disguise, bag of money, and real time GPS tracker in Drew’s home as they combed the scene for evidence.

GPS Tracker For Banks

Drew may have had some success as a business man, but clearly this guy was a stupid criminal at best. First of all, he walks into a bank wearing a fake mustache, wig, yellow tie, and latex gloves. Did he really think that outfit was not going to draw attention to himself, or was he simply so jacked up on cocaine all he could think about was grinding his teeth? Second, after he some how was able to successfully get away with the money (and police GPS tracking system in the black trash bag), isn’t it standard procedure to start counting the loot and/or rolling around with it as your naked in bed? If he did that he would have easily noticed the GPS tracking system flashing and telling authorities where he was, at which point he could have flushed it down the toilet, making authorities follow tracking system positions transmitted from the Memphis sewers.

Idiots are no match for intelligent law enforcement agents who make a living apprehending the stupid. I guess all Drew can say now is that cocaine is one hell of a drug!

Source: Commercial Appeal