Law Enforcement

Tracking System Catches Bank Thieves


GPS Tracking-Spiked Cash

Tracking System Leads Police To Robber’s Location

moneyWhen 3 Illinois men walked into a bank, demanded the teller give them all the money and then walked out of the bank with a nylon sack filled with approximately $9000 worth of cash they probably thought they were home free. Unfortunately for the crooks, the bank they chose to hit did not use dye packs to protect their cash, but rather real time GPS tracking devices.

The teller who handed over the money to the 3 men also placed two GPS tracking systems hidden inside a bundle of cash into that bag that was taken. The GPS tracking data from the tracking systems gave police a solid lead to help TCF bank recover the loot that was stolen.

When local law enforcement received the phone call from the bank regarding the robbery they quickly accessed the data from each tracking system, which lead them to one of the suspect’s parent’s homes. All 3 men were quickly arrested by police and taken to jail where they await trial for the bank robbery.

With the help of each tracking system, and the bank teller’s quick thinking, it took law enforcement less than one hour to apprehend the 3 criminals once they stepped outside of the bank with loot.

When questioned about what type of tracking system technology was used to recover the stolen cash the bank declined to comment because they have a policy not to discuss internal security measures.

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