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Fighting Domestic Violence With GPS Trackers

CriminalVictims of domestic violence might find a new ally in real time GPS tracking technology if a bill proposed in Kentucky passes. Earlier this week, Kentucky law makers and the general assembly partook in a rally for domestic violence/ stalking awareness month. The day was highlighted when Debbie Riddle, a guest speaker whose sister was killed by a stalker, gave an emotional speech to the Kentucky legislators about the need to improve the safety of victims of domestic violence and stalkers.

What Riddle and other proponents of victim’s rights are excited about is a potential law Kentucky is considering passing that would require stalkers and domestic violence offenders to wear GPS tracking systems. The law would require the criminals to wear the same type of GPS tracking bracelets used by sex offenders that gives local law enforcement the ability to monitor the felon’s moves 24/7.

Jim McFarland, the Director of the GPS Home Incarceration Program, stated that when criminals know they are being monitored with a GPS system they are less likely to engage in criminal activity, making the GPS tracking equipment an excellent deterrent.

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Source: Western Kentucky News