Tracking System Direct Discusses Gas Drilling

Gas Drilling: The Environmental Impact

GPS Tracking Experts Want Your Opinion On Hydraulic Fracturing

Movies and documentaries are used to entertain, tell stories or enlighten, but one film that has touched many people across the globe is an award winning film known as Gasland. A film created by Josh Fox, Gasland goes into great detail explaining the methods gas companies use to capture natural gas, and the large negative and irreversible impact that drilling and hydraulic fracturing places on the environment. The film shows how gas companies are destroying ecosystems and polluting water resources by using known carcinogen chemicals in the drilling process. Scenes of residents suffering from health problems related to toxic air and water pollutants, dead fish floating in bubbling yellow streams and tap water so polluted it actually is flammable are common in this intense and gripping documentary. After watching Gasland, our GPS tracking experts wanted to get your opinions on the documentary (assuming you have seen it), domestic natural gas drilling and the heavy toll drilling has on our environment.

Passing Laws To Bypass Laws

Although the documentary is filled with information that many would find disturbing, one of the more disturbing facts is how oil and gas lobbyists were able to make the Bush administration provide exemptions for companies like Haliburton so they would not need to meet EPA standards and could basically violate the Clean Water Act. The film touches on how Vice President Cheney, a man long known to have very close ties to Haliburton and the oil industry, was able to persuade then President Bush to green light more domestic drilling operations. With many portions of the drilling process known to cause damage to the environment, Cheney was able to get exemptions, or a free pass, for any potential damage the environment and water resources may sustain from the drilling process.

Natural Gas Drilling Opinion

Clearly, Americans would like to be less dependent on foreign resources whether they be gas, oil, sugar cane or rubber. However, no amount of dollar bills can fix the environment once it has been contaminated permanently. The animals who live and thrive off of the water will consume toxic water, and we may consume those animals. The polluted air will not simply go away, but rather into the air and come down as acid rain.

Should the gas companies be forced to adhere to the EPA and Clean Water Act policies that every other industry has to follow?

Should independent testing be conducted on drilling sites before the creation of more sites to ensure damage to the environment is minimal?

What are your opinions of Bush, Cheney and the oil companies?