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GPS Tracking Company Goes Social

Facebook & Google +1 Give Online Shoppers Power

social_circlePeople are transitioning away from the older methods of sharing information and are instead turning to social networking outlets to provide personal thoughts on what restaurants offer good/bad service, which coffee shops brew the best blend or what next up-and-coming band must be seen. These recommendations are important and carry weight because they come from trusted sources, our friends, family members, co-workers and more. GPS tracking company Tracking System Direct (TSD) understands the importance and value that we all place on the opinions of those in our inner circles, and that is why the fleet tracking experts at TSD want to cultivate an environment where people can share their personal stamps of approval with others in the online community.

Online Users Offer Their Recommendation

TSD believes every person’s opinion is valuable and should be heard, and that is why the vehicle tracking professionals at Tracking System Direct have added both a Facebook “like” button and Google +1 button on the homepage of the corporate TSD website. By clicking on either one of these buttons, online shoppers, GPS enthusiasts and surveillance specialists can publicly show that they believe the TSD company website is important and worth checking out. With the TSD website added to the user’s personal favorites on the popular social networking portals, finding the company webpage will be easier in the future, and it will also allow family members, colleagues and other social friends to see the stuff that the user thinks is cool.

TSD would like to invite everyone and anyone interested in providing feedback to please do so. Feedback is the essential ingredient in helping the GPS tracker experts improve customer service, website function, product efficiency and more. For those who are not plugged into the social networking world, TSD continues to review submitted email questions and customer thoughts on a daily basis. All customer feedback is documented and evaluated to help TSD not only meet the customer’s expectations of quality service, but to go above and beyond that!

TSD can also be found on Twitter where customers, GPS enthusiasts and the online community can connect directly to a GPS professional who can answer any satellite tracking questions as well as provide technical assistance.