Tracking System Direct Goes Green


GPS Tracking Company Goes Green

Tracking System Direct Shows How Green Is Good

Businesses and small enterprises everywhere are becoming more responsible and eco-friendly by going green. Going green refers to a company or business reducing its carbon footprint by putting policies in place to promote things such as recycling, paperless documentation, and group transportation. Understanding their responsibility to the environment and future generations, Tracking System Direct, an industry leader in the GPS tracking market, adopted a comprehensive and simple plan to make their operations more green and eco-friendly. Tracking System Direct is an e-commerce business that distributes vehicle tracking devices and personal tracking systems to consumers, businesses and law enforcement agencies. Providing both real-time and GPS data logger tracking devices, Tracking System Direct has become the go-to place for parents wanting to record their teen’s driving habits, businesses wanting to monitor routes of mobile assets, and law enforcement looking to do surveillance work on a potential criminal.

Tracking System Direct Goes Green

When Tracking System Direct created its mission statement, vision, and values the owners wanted to emphasize going green. “When discussing the direction of the company we wanted to create a whole new way of doing business”, explained co-founder Ryan Horban. Horban and his partner Ryan Whitton explained that the old business model of buying a big building and simply filling it with employees that many companies follow could be improved and the result would create motivation, happier employees, and a greener work environment. The first thing the GPS car tracking system company did was rent out a very small office facility, or basically the bare minimum as a place where customers could pick up the product if they didn’t want to have it shipped. Operations were emphasized to be mobile and fluid, meaning employees carried lap-tops, used instant messenger, communicated via email, sent text images, and made phone calls to stay in contact with each other. Essentially, every employee works from home or wherever they feel comfortable. Whitton explained that creativity does not cultivate and grow in a sterile office setting, and with technology improving communication there is no reason not to utilize it 100%.

Having a mobile and fluid workforce was not only innovative and effective at reducing overhead costs, but it also created a very green work environment. With almost all communication being made via email or instant message Tracking System Direct eliminated almost 99% of their paper use, which helps saves trees and revenue allocated to stationery supplies. Not to mention, by not forcing their employees to come to a facility to sit and work for 8 hours, only to drive back home meant employees were not clogging roadways up, adding to the pollution problem with their automobiles. Horban explained that all the companies he had previously worked for required employees to work in-facility and that many employees would sometimes waste 10 hours a week traveling to and from work. “Imagine how you would feel if you were losing 10 hours of personal/family time every week to transportation?” explained Horban. Whitton also stated that employees who spent a large portion of their time traveling had a tendency to be more exhausted, less motivated, and less productive. By reducing employee transportation, going paperless, and putting less emphasis on large wasteful facilities Tracking System Direct has shown how going green can mean increased profits and happier employees.

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