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Improving the customer experience has always been a top priority of global distributor of GPS tracker and vehicle management technologies, Tracking System Direct (TSD). This is why the company has always left sections on every article of content and category page on the corporate website where customers can leave feedback and questions. “Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers from answering every question during the pre-sales process to providing technical assistance post-sales if the customer is in need of guidance”, explained a fleet management specialist for TSD. “Everyone at TSD understands the importance of feedback because it allows us to better evaluate each customer’s feelings and experience with our online store, customer service representatives, technical support agents, and sales associates. We strive to offer not only the most sophisticated and reliable GPS vehicle trackers the industry has to offer but also the highest quality of customer care.” Finding in-depth reviews and customer feedback by real customers used to be a challenging task, but thanks to Google Shopper, anyone wanting to view the past experiences by previous TSD customers can do so with a few clicks of a mouse!

Accessible by both personal computers and mobile smartphones, Google Shopper allows anyone to search and research a product by price, name or photo while also offering potential customers the ability to access customer feedback from the merchant. “We really do appreciate all feedback as customer input is critical to our on-going efforts, and if apps such as Google Shopper are going to make it more convenient for people to both leave and read personal feedback, then we support the technology 100%”, stated a TSD vehicle management expert. Through the help and use of Google Shopper, customers can do a simple search on a product such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro or SilverCloud GPS, getting instant access to the lowest price being offered by online merchants and reviews by customers regarding the merchant. For example, a product search on Google Shopper for the most popular selling passive device of all-time, the GPS Tracking Key, also pulls up the following customer feedback on TSD:

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Since TSD began using Google Checkout as the primary source of payment processing, select customers chosen by Google have been able to leave feedback regarding their recent purchase which could be found online by anyone conducting research. Overwhelmingly, the early feedback from TSD customers has been positive, but the task of acquiring customer feedback is a never-ending one. With the help of every customer response and feedback, TSD will continue making adjustments to the corporate website, customer service, and policies in an effort to create the best experience possible for each and every person with business GPS trackers, personal GPS tracking and law enforcement tracking needs.

TSD invites everyone to share their personal experiences with the GPS tracking system company, whether it is via Google Checkout or email testimonial. We look forward to hearing from you!