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Tracking System Helps DEA Bust Cocaine Trafficker

GPS Tracking Data Results In Conviction

Man Receives 150 Month Sentence For Trafficking Cocaine

The Connecticut Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency and numerous small police forces all helped in an investigative effort to bring down a large scale drug trafficker who was known to be distributing cocaine all across the New England area. The extensive investigation involving GPS tracking system technology, wiretapping, controlled cocaine purchases and other surveillance operations allowed prosecutors to build a solid case against Luis Ojeda, the ring leader of the cocaine distribution network, that resulted in a150 month conviction.

A jury of Ojeda’s peers found him guilty in October of last year of:

  1. Intent to distribute cocaine
  2. Conspiring to distribute over 5 kilograms of cocaine
  3. Drug Possession
  4. 4. Possession of over 500 grams of cocaine

Ojeda had been sitting in a Federal prison waiting to receive his sentence until last Wednesday when Chief United States District Judge Alvin W. Thompson handed down his ruling that stated all the money the DEA seized from the investigation, approximately $20,000 in cash, be forfeited, and that Ojeda spend 72 months in jail followed by 10 years of supervised release.

A person involved with the investigation stated that the GPS vehicle trackers that utilize GPS tracking technology played an instrumental role in the surveillance operations that helped investigators successfully build a case against Ojeda, and later receive a conviction. And the agency is proud to continue using police GPS tracking devices to gather evidence. 

Source: The Day

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