Tracking System Interview


GPS Tracker Discussed By Dog Lover

young-woman-typingMany people are infatuated with man’s best friend, making dogs the most popular and beloved animal in North America and many other regions across the globe. Whether the dog be as small as Yorkshire Terrier, or as large as a Grey Hound there is no denying that the animals have a place in the hearts of many. For many dog lovers their biggest fear is losing their pet, and that is why some GPS tracking manufacturers have designed dog collars that will give pet owners 24 hour access to their pet via the Global Positioning System. The department of defense probably never imagined a pet tracking application when creating the GPS tracking and navigation system, but that simply reinforces how much the technology has progressed.

Tracking System Direct, understanding the unique relationship between animal and owner, chose to conduct an interview with a self-proclaimed dog lover regarding their thoughts on GPS tracking dog collars. Below are the questions and responses provided by Jessica Ray, a 23 year-old and owner of 2 pugs, surrounding GPS tracking, dogs, and pet locating devices.

How Long Have You Been A Dog Lover?

I have had dogs in my life ever since I can remember. My first memory of having a pet was when my parents got me a Golden Retriever puppy for my 3rd birthday that I named Goldy Locks. Goldy Locks was in our family for 8 years before she passed away. After Goldy Locks, my parents brought home a boy Cocker Spaniel that we named Captain. Captain was a part of our family for 13 years before he passed away. Now I have 2 pugs of my own named Texas Ranger and Walker.

What Do You Currently Use To Protect Your Dogs?

I have an updated collar for both my dogs that has the names of the dogs and my home and cellular phone number. I also had a fence placed around my yard so I can let them have their freedom and I can know they are safe.

Have You Heard of Tracking Systems Used To Track Dogs?

Tracking systems are used to add up the mileage I drive every month for the flower delivery company I work for, but I have not heard of a tracking system that could track a dog. I do think a GPS tracker that could track my dog would be pretty cool.

Would You Purchase A Tracking System Dog Collar?

If the tracking system was affordable I would definitely consider purchasing it. However, I know that the GPS trackers used in our flower service vehicles have monthly service fees and I wouldn’t want to pay a monthly service to track my dog.

Would You Have Any Fears About Tracking System Dog Collars?

I would have a couple fears about using a GPS tracking system on either of my dogs. First of all, I would be worried that the dog might chew on the tracking device, hurting himself. I do not think chewing on a powered circuit board would be healthy. My second concern would be if the tracking system would be harmful to the dogs. I know the GPS tracker used at work has to be in an area with cellular service to work so its kinda like a cell phone. I would not want a cell phone next to my dog’s neck every single minute of the day. I mean what if the tracking system caused a tumor to grow on the dog’s neckor something? I am not sure if the FDA or some other government agency regulates the tracking systems for pet applications. My concerns may not have merit, but it is something I would think about.