GPS Tracking Systems/Theft Recovery

Tracking System Leads To Vehicle Recovery

GPS Tracking Results In Safe Recovery Of Stolen Vehicle

Company Truck Stolen In Utah

When the Operational Director of “Air Pollution Testing” realized on of the company vehicles was missing, a white Ford truck, he did not panic because he knew that every company vehicle was equipped with a vehicle tracking system. Once he confirmed the truck was indeed stolen, the man called the sheriff dispatcher and informed them that he was watching the real-time GPS tracking data that was being transmitted from the stolen truck from his work computer. Astonished at the accurate and detailed information she was receiving, the dispatcher relayed the GPS tracking information to law enforcement in the surrounding area, telling them the vehicle was moving on Interstate 80 in Uinta County, passing Cemetery Road.

When law enforcement were about ready to intercept the vehicle they were given another update by the GPS tracking system that stated the vehicle was now parked on West Willow Street.

As the officers made visual contact with the stolen truck they moved in to apprehend the suspect, blocking his exit on both ways of the street. The man was removed from the stolen vehicle and hauled away to jail.

The arresting officers stated that without the vehicle tracking system providing them second-by-second GPS updates on the vehicle they may not have been able to recover the vehicle so quickly if at all.

The car thief may have thought he got away scott free when he drove the truck off the company grounds, but he never stood a chance with the GPS tracking system monitoring his every move.

Source: Bridger Valley Pioneer