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Fashion Designer Threads GPS Into Clothing

Publicity Stunt Or Sexy Application?

Brazil is no stranger to bringing the world sexy and provocative clothing, but the new line of lingerie designed by Lucia Lorio titled, “Find Me If You Can” has created a firestorm of controversy among some feminist groups. What makes Lorio’s newest line of lingerie so controversial is that the evening wear has a GPS tracking system threaded into the fabric so a lover or husband can access the woman’s location if they have the password and user-name. A woman can give their significant other the user name and password to view the tracking system data online, but the woman is the one who actually has the power, having the ability to turn the GPS tracker off or change the password.

The “Find Me If You Can” lingerie retails for approximately $800.00, and although Lorio has said she has only sold a small number of the tracking system enabled evening wear she is optimistic that the trend will catch on. “Many women have been contacting me and inquiring about the tracking system lingerie for personal protection”, explained Lorio. With Brazil having a violence-prone reputation at times, women should feel more safe knowing their location can be easily accessed with the real time GPS tracker.

Tracking System Equipped Lingerie The Answer?

Even though Lorio explains that the GPS tracking enabled lingerie will give Brazilian women additional protection, what is the likelihood that a woman would wear lingerie under regular clothes simply for protection purposes? Why wouldn’t a woman just buy a standard real-time tracker and keep it in her purse or pocket if she wanted more protection? If a woman is interested in purchasing the controversial line of lingerie only on the basis of increasing personal safety they should be aware that there is a better solution available.

Many GPS tracking systems are now engineered specifically for personal protection, being equipped with real-time tracking capabilities and panic button features to alert authorities if a person is in trouble. One of the more popular real-time tracking devices used for personal protection is the SpaceHawk. The SpaceHawk GPS is roughly the size of a standard cellular phone and has a belt clip attachment, making it easy to carry.

Personal tracking systems are used for personal protection every day, and some law enforcement agencies have given GPS trackers to women in domestic violent relationships so they can alert police if they are in trouble.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Tracking System Lingerie?

Is the tracking system enabled lingerie a publicity stunt or a sign of the times?

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Would you monitor your significant other via GPS tracking system technology?

Source: The Age