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Join Our Facebook PageAll of the GPS tracking experts at TSD love hearing from vehicle tracking unit users, fleet management managers, and potential customers. Our GPS experts enjoy the task of problem-solving each individual or companies vehicle management situation, bringing an appropriate and cost-effective solution. Unfortunately, our GPS experts do not hear from our community of GPS users as much as they would like to, but that is all about to change with the new Facebook program TSD will be initiated for the month of October.

Here is a quick rundown on how our new Facebook program basically works. In an ongoing effort to build our online community and connect with each and every TSD customer, TSD will be offering an assortment of special discounts, promotions, and coupons to those who “like” our social networking fan page. These hot promotions will include things such as free shipping, free accessories, and monetary discounts on GPS trackers.

So How Do I Take Advantage Of The Facebook Offer?

Taking advantage of the special promotion is simple. First, you must already have a profile created on the Facebook social networking site. Second, before you place an order, contact a customer service representative or salesperson at TSD. When you tell them that you want to be a fan they will then instruct you to “like”, and post a comment on one of the articles that are frequently posted on the fan page. Once the information is confirmed, you will then receive your special promotion!

It is that simple!

Promotions and coupons change on a daily basis, therefore we cannot guarantee a specific promotion or discount. However, every person who joins our online community will always receive something from us here at Tracking System Direct.

Tracking System Direct can also be found on YouTube now!