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father-sonTracking systems have been used by many parents over the last 6 years to identify potentially risky driving habits by young teenage drivers. Tracking System Direct interviewed a parent named Maureen Hogan who had multiple children who are now adults, and asked her about her thoughts on the GPS tracking system technology. Below are the GPS tracking related questions and her responses.

How Many Children Have Do You Have, And What Were Their Genders And Difference In Age?

I have three male sons who are approximately 3 years apart in age.

When They Were Teenagers Did They Ever Receive Traffic Violations?

My eldest and youngest son had 2 or 3 traffic violations when they were teen drivers. My middle son had 1 violation.

After The Traffic Violation(s), Did They Receive Additional Traffic Violations?

The oldest and youngest received additional traffic violations after they received the first. Violations ranged from speeding, running stop signs, to parking in handicapped spaces.

If You Had A GPS Tracking System Technology Available At That Time Do You Think It Would Have prevented The Secondary Violation?

If I had access to a GPS tracking or vehicle tracking system I feel it could have been very possible it would have prevented the secondary violations, especially the speeding tickets. The tracking system would have held them more accountable, and I think if they knew the tracking system was in the vehicle they would have been more cautious.

Would You Have Used A GPS Tracking System To Monitor All your Children When They Were Teens?

Yes I would have used a tracking system to monitor my children when they were teen drivers. Now that GPS tracking systems are pretty cheap it would surely outweigh the cost of the violations and the higher insurance premiums I had to pay.

Was Their A Child You Would Have Used A GPS Tracking System On And One You Would Have Not, Or Would You Have Used A Tracking System On All Children?

I believe I would have used the real time GPS tracking device on all three of my sons because if their were speeding problems I could have been aware of it before they were cited with traffic violations. Also, I would have liked to have monitored where they were going and mileage driven to make sure the money I was giving them was actually going toward gas and not beer or cigarettes.

Do You Feel GPS Tracking Your Teen Is A Violation Of Their Privacy?

I do not feel GPS tracking my teenagers would have been a violation of their privacy. When they are driving my cars, living in my house, and are on my insurance I feel I should have access to their driving habits. Teen GPS tracking can help keep them safe and out of trouble. I would have liked to know they were going to the places they said they were going. Tracking systems could have saved me money and gave me more peace of mind when my kids were teen drivers.