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Tracking System Records Coyote


GPS Tracker Records Coyote Journey

Tracking System Records Over 150 Mile Travel

Last Spring a male coyote was captured in the New York state area as part of an extensive environmental studies project to monitor the animal’s movements and migration habits. The captured coyote was equipped with a GPS tracking system collar that transmitted the animal’s position to Christina Boser, a graduate student working on the project, in real-time. Placing GPS trackers on animals for experimental purposes is nothing new in the scientific community because the devices are easy to use and provide a great deal of qualitative data. However, what makes this story unique is that the GPS tracking system recorded the coyote movements over a 150-mile span in approximately 8 months, providing researchers a rare view of the travels of a coyote.

After several months of moving back and forth between I-88 and I-20, the coyote’s final destination ended in East Stroudsburg, PA. The real time GPS tracking system recorded the coyote engaging in odd behavior, acting cautiously of crossing the unfamiliar highway roads. Researchers believe that the coyote must have sensed danger. However, after some scouting and bouncing between the two roads for approximately 6 months, the GPS tracker recorded the animal crossing the roads and heading south on I-88. This was only the beginning of the over 150-mile track the coyote spanned across.

Coyote GPS Tracking

The coyote was picked up by a trapper in East Stroudsburg, and the GPS tracking collar was returned to the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission. Due to the highly successful project and informative data GPS tracking data gathered, the environmental science project will continue on into the next year.

GPS tracking systems will continue to be used to track the coyote population in New York over the next year as research teams try and understand more about the animal and its impact on deer herds.

Source: Science Daily