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When Ed Cooley received a tracking system from his wife for Christmas he thought that the GPS tracker was a pretty cool gadget, but really didn’t think the tracking device would ever be used. Cooley, an avid photographer, loved going into the outdoors and taking pictures of landscapes and nature. Understanding her husband’s love for the outdoors and photography, Cooley’s wife believed a GPS tracking system would help him if he ever became lost or hurt, and felt an overall sense of comfort and safety knowing he had the GPS tracker system in his possession. She could have never dreamed that the tracking system would end up saving his life.

In late October, Cooley went to the Ozark National Forest to capture some photos when a bluff he was standing on gave way, causing Cooley to fall nearly 30 feet and land halfway in a creek. The steep fall broke Cooley’s hip, leg, and collar bone, and the one healthy leg was pinned down by a large log. “The doctors told me that the fall I sustained would have killed most people, and I was lucky because the cold water from the creek probably helped reduce swelling”, explained Cooley. Although he was partially submerged in the water and immobile from the fall, thankfully he was able to access his real time GPS tracking device. While struggling through pain and discomfort, Cooley was able to reach his tracking system and activate the help feature that allowed rescue crews to quickly discover his location.

Once rescuers were able to pinpoint the location from the GPS tracking system and find Cooley, they needed to carry the injured Cooley 5 miles out of the woods to a safe area for helicopter access.

Cooley will spend at least the next 3 months recuperating from the injuries he sustained, and credits the tracking system for saving his life. He intends on continuing his pursuit and passion for photography after he fully recovers from the incident, and will continue to put his images up on his online gallery.

Source: KFSM