GPS Tracking Systems/Theft Recovery

Tracking System Technology Part Of Stimulus

GPS Trackers Purchased With Federal Stimulus Funds

Law Enforcement Utilize GPS Tracking To Catch Snowboard Thieves

Money law enforcement agencies from the resort city of Brian Head, Utah received from the federal stimulus package will be invested in GPS tracking technology in an effort to prevent or reduce theft of snowboard equipment in the popular ski resort area. As snowboard equipment theft has become more prevalent in the mountain city, police have decided that the best course of action to get a handle on the theft problem is going to be with GPS tracking systems. However, the local police will also be using other sophisticated recording and surveillance gear in combination with the GPS trackers in an all-out push to make snowboard equipment theft a thing of the past.

What the criminals do is usually take snowboard gear that is resting on racks outside a ski resort cafe or restroom area while the owner of the equipment is either having some food or using the bathroom facilities. With easily over 90% of all visitors to the mountain resort being snowboarders it is very difficult for local police to catch the thieves. Not to mention, most people do not put personal identifying information on their equipment. Although the theft problem was difficult to police in the past, law enforcement believes the tracking system plan should result in a safer resort.

How law enforcement intends on utilizing the tracking system technology is by placing the GPS tracking equipment on random “dummy” snowboards that will be used to bait potential thieves. The boards will be left standing on racks unattended, which should entice any potential criminal. When the thief takes the snowboard they will be in for an unpleasant surprise as law enforcement will be following their every move with the GPS tracking systems.

With state-of-the-art tracking system technology protecting snowboarders, hopefully, the mountains will become a safer place again.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune