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NFL Player Puts GPS Tracker On Girlfriend’s Car

Michael Strahan is best known for acting in Subway commercials, the trademark gap in his teeth, and most importantly his defensive role on an underdog New York Giants squad that defeated a heavily favored undefeated New England Patriots team in amazing fashion in the Super Bowl. Some sports historians believe it was the most exciting NFL Super Bowl ever. However, after suspecting his girlfriend of cheating he decided to play the role of James Bond and place a GPS tracking system on her car to see if she was involved in an affair.

Strahan is no stranger to utilizing high-tech surveillance gear to uncover the truth. In 2006 when he was going through a nasty divorce trial his ex-wife made allegations that Strahan used video surveillance to monitor anything happening inside his residence, and that he used spyware to record phone conversations.

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How NFL Star Used GPS To Catch Cheating Wife

Strahan and his girlfriend Nichole Murphy were dating since early 2007, explaining the chemistry between them was based on common interests in life. Unfortunately for Strahan, rumors swirled that Murphy also common interests in life with other men, such as an A&R executive. Murphy would create excuses, telling Strahan she had to travel for business when she would really be secretly meeting her lover. Strahan, recognizing the suspicious behavior, chose to let a real time GPS tracking system validate his suspicions.

Strahan placed a vehicle tracking system behind the front dashboard of Murphy’s car, a covert location many GPS tracking users find advantageous. The tracking system provided Strahan with second-by-second information in real-time where Murphy was driving, allowing him to expose her cheating ways.

After uncovering the affair, Strahan and Murphy split ways. Both parties denied the opportunity to speak to Tracking System Direct on the matter.

Source: New York Post