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One of the niche features that some GPS vehicle tracking unit manufacturers are now including on hardware is a voice recorder option that will allow the user to capture voice conversations that occur inside the cab of the target vehicle while also acquiring GPS monitoring travel activity. Although the feature does have some appeal at first glance, the truth is that the feature also results in a number of limitations for the user. Before investing in a GPS fleet tracker that also can function as an audio recorder, please review the following information about why these particular monitoring solutions may not work for you.

GPS Tracker Cannot Be Placed Outside Of Target Car

One common thing that most people using GPS surveillance devices require is the quick and covert placement of a tracker onto a target car. Understanding the demands of both businesses and consumers, many GPS tracking system manufacturers developed fleet recording hardware that includes an exterior magnetic mount that allows the user to quickly bond the GPS to the underframe of the vehicle within seconds. This results in the person conducting the investigation not having to enter the cab of the target car, which is something that violates privacy laws in many parts of the country. If a person using a GPS tracker with voice monitoring and recording function placed the device on the outside frame of the vehicle the tracker would not be able to detect and record voice data because of outside noise, rendering the feature useless.

GPS Tracker With Voice Monitoring

Permanent Installation Of GPS Likely Not An Option

Businesses are the one demographic who typically prefer to have fleet tracking equipment permanently installed to company automobiles. The reason for this is because they do not want to consume time changing and swapping batteries, therefore a direct connection between the GPS system and the electrical 12 volt system of the automobile is the perfect solution. “Business GPS tracking applications are growing and growing due to the stagnation of growth facing the world economy”, explained a customer service representative at Tracking System Direct. “Therefore, many companies are managing route efficiency and fuel consumption through the use of satellite monitoring technology. Unfortunately, some of these GPS devices offer features that are sometimes not applicable due to placement selection, such as in the case with a GPS with audio recording options. If a business hard-wires a GPS behind the dash of a vehicle the tracker will not only pick-up engine vibrations and sounds, but also the dash will mute the conversations taking place in the cab of the vehicle.”

GPS tracker with live audio monitoring features are only ideal for those with access to the cab of a target car, and who intend on using the device as a portable solution. Since most people and businesses do not have both luxuries, the best bet is to invest in a cost-effective GPS such as the Flashback GPS tracker, and if obtaining audio data is a must, then investing in a voice recorder specifically designed for picking up low-level voice conversations.