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Schools Could Bring GPS Monitoring Technology To Class

studentsAlmost every adult can remember their time in high school as one of fun and adventure. The teens of yesteryear had no where near the same level of strict teacher and parent oversight as kids who attend school today. Before, teens could ditch a class or two to catch a movie or eat a burger with little to no consequences, but today some schools are contacting police when students are marked absent without a parental excuse. Some parents are even being fined by police when students are documented missing an “excessive” amount of class time. One of the ways some school districts are looking to not only make certain students attend class, but also ensure their personal safety, is through the use of GPS tracking devices.

What Exactly Are GPS Tracking Devices?

GPS tracking systems are designed to record and transmit location data of a vehicle, animal, asset or person. More commonly used as a method to monitor the driving habits of an elderly person or teen driver, some schools are viewing GPS monitoring systems as the answer to improving class attendance and safety. Although it would likely be too costly at this point in time to equip every student with a GPS tracking unit, what some schools are doing is equipping teens who have shown a habitual pattern of tardiness or missing class. Not only would the real-time tracking devices report a missing student’s exact location 24/7, but the system would also send out an alert via email or cellular text message the exact moment a student enters or exits the school campus.

The debate is still ongoing whether or not live GPS tracking units will be the long-term solution to improving attendance, which studies have shown has a direct correlation on improving grades, or if the monitoring technology will simply be used on a case-by-case basis for more problematic teens.

GPS Tracking Opinion

Should all students wear live tracking units so school administrators or parents could locate their position while at school?

Should parents be given the option or choice whether or not they want to have their teen under GPS monitoring?


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