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How do you tell if a tractor is stolen?

How Do You Keep a Tractor From Being Stolen?

The answer is simple: a mini GPS tracking device

One of the most common questions farmers ask surveillance companies is, “How do you secure a John Deere tractor?“. The sad reality is farm equipment theft is a serious concern for many people throughout the country, especially those in rural parts of the country where theft occurs more frequently. Thankfully, there are now portable, waterproof, real-time tractor GPS tracking devices that make it easy for farmers to instantly know when their tractors are stolen. Now let’s talk more about tractor GPS trackers, the price of the devices, and why how they alert a farmer if a tractor is stolen.

Best Tractor GPS Tracking Device 2022

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • Get Instant Alerts When Your Tractor Is Moved
  • Know Where Your Assets Are At 24/7
  • Find Out What Employees Are Doing When You Are Not On The Farm


SpaceHawk is a real time GPS tracking device designed to safeguard any personal asset from a personal vehicle to farm equipment. Let this mini live GPS tracker notify you when farming equipment is moved, or use the location-based technology to protect yourself from theft. If you are looking for the ultimate asset tracking solution to keep your farm equipment safe then this is the tracking device for you!

GPS Trackers

Tractor GPS Tracking System

There is no way to get around the fact that we now live in a completely mobile and inter-connected society. Everything regarding technology and technological products is changing fast, as tablets have taken the place of laptop computers, and cloud computing is the future of how we save and access personal data. We live in a society that is now-driven, and that is part of the reason why the newspaper business is shriveling up and dying. People need to have instant access to information the second it happens, making Google News and Twitter highly popular and trafficked avenues to gather real-time information and news. When it comes to the GPS tracking industry, now-driven technology is also essential. People no longer can afford to waste time downloading software to their personal computer, hand-cuffing them to only have access to personal GPS tracking data when they are in front of the computer that has the software program installed upon it. They demand web-based technology that provides the user with instant access to GPS vehicle tracking data from any computer and/or mobile phone. This is the type of technology that powers tractor GPS tracking systems.

Portability is the keyword that really defines tractor GPS trackers for a number of reasons. First of all, portable tractor GPS tracking devices give users the option of long-term installation via a hard-wire kit, or to hide the tractor GPS with the assistance of magnetic mount. Portable tractor GPS devices can operate off an internal lithium-ion battery that provides roughly 40 hours of wheels-in-motion driving time. The tractor GPS tracker also allows users to simply hop onto a computer or mobile app Internet access, and by entering a password, farmers can have instant access to where a tractor is located! There really is no better solution to stop equipment theft.

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Tractor GPS Price

The cost of a real time tractor GPS tracker starts at around $99.00 with a monthly subscription fee of $19.95 on average. Data plans are month-to-month, but farmers can save a little money on the subscription price if they commit to 3 months, 6 months, or a year of live GPS tracking service.

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How Do You Tell If a Tractor Is Stolen?

The feature that helps most farmers when it comes to preventing tractor theft is called geofence. Basically how the geofence feature works is by attaching the tractor GPS tracker upon the equipment and then creating a virtual fence around the asset. The moment the tractor leaves this safe zone created on the mobile app, the tractor GPS will instantly send an alert to the farmer. This alert can be sent through email or text message so the farmer knows the very moment their tractor is stolen. There really is no better way to tell if a tractor is stolen!

GPS tracking devices are changing the way farmers keep tractors from being stolen, along with other assets. Making real time GPS trackers the best solution for preventing tractor theft.

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Equipment Rental Tracking And GPS

Anti-theft asset tracking solutions can provide anyone involved in the farm equipment rental industry with an additional level of security. This is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Equip Magnetic GPS Trackers On Tractors Or Other Rental Equipment
  2. Create Geo-Fence On GPS Tracking Solutions 
  3. Magnetic GPS Tractor Tracker Will Send Alert If Rental Equipment Is Moved

 Equipment GPS tracking devices send alerts directly to your email and or cell phone using GSM GPRS technologies. This means the GPS asset tracking system can notify you the very moment your tractor or heavy equipment is moved, giving you the ultimate anti theft recovery solution for your business assets.