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Whether it is a cargo trailer, gooseneck trailer, flatbed trailer or some other form of trailer being pulled by a truck, one of the most important things is to protect those assets. Both the cargo being hauled and the trailer itself has significant value, making it critical for those who own the equipment to track everywhere those assets go. This is the reason why people who own trailers have more frequently been researching trailer GPS tracking devices. But how can a trailer GPS tracker with no monthly fee provide heavy equipment monitoring and additional security?


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GPS trackersNo Monthly Fee GPS Tracking Device

So what exactly is a GPS tracker with no subscription? No monthly fee GPS tracking devices are classified as GPS data loggers. What these types of devices do is record activity with precision every single second, storing the data to internal memory. How they can help increase asset tracking security for trailers is pretty simple. First of all, the battery-powered GPS tracker is equipped to the trailer where it will document how fast the trailer was moving, where the trailer has been and other location-based information. When the owner of the asset wants to review everywhere his or her trailer has been all they need to do is take the battery-powered no monthly fee GPS tracker off the trailer and connect it to a computer via USB download cable. Super simple, and a great way for anyone looking to boost security with a trailer GPS tracker with no monthly fee.

Another thing that is really cool about these portable trailer tracking devices for asset protection is that they are waterproof, portable, small, and easily hidden on any type of trailer!

Do All Real Time GPS Trackers Have A Monthly Fee?

One of the benefits of using a no monthly fee GPS tracker for trailer security is that the devices are a not-time investment. Unfortunately, the technology does have limitations and one of those limitations is that a GPS data logger can not provide real time updates. The reason real time GPS trackers have monthly subscriptions is that they transmit data over cellular networks to provide live location updates. Therefore, any GPS device that offers real time updates will have a monthly fee. Since GPS data loggers were not engineered with that cellular module component they can not provide real time updates, making them useless if a person was using a trailer GPS tracker for theft recovery purposes.

If the intention is to use a trailer GPS tracking device for theft security than the choice should not be a trailer GPS tracker no monthly fee solution, but rather a traditional live GPS tracking system.