GPS Tracker For Trailer

Trailers are often the target of thieves, resulting in loss of equipment, assets, and time lost on the job. Utility trailer theft prevention is becoming a more relevant topic in the United States with so many construction companies, rental operations, and delivery businesses reporting trailer theft. Companies can take every safeguard to reduce trailer theft by installing hidden cameras on property, educating themselves on how to lock a trailer from being stolen, and other preventative measures, but the reality is thieves are also highly intelligent. Is it easy to steal a trailer even when utilizing common safety tips? The answer is yes. This is the reason the why the most effective way to prevent trailer theft is to equip a trailer GPS tracker on the asset.

But what is the best battery powered GPS tracker for trailers, and how does a person track a trailer in real time with GPS?


Best Trailer GPS Tracker

According to trailer GPS tracker reviews the best trailer GPS tracker is the ________. This battery powered GPS tracker for trailer can easily be hidden on any type of trailer (Dump trailer, utility trailer, cargo trailer and more). What makes this particular hidden GPS tracking system unique is that not only can it be hard-wired to a trailer, but also has an internal back-up battery to power the real time GPS tracking device if disconnected from the power source. Other features include:

  • Online Mapping Software
  • Geo-Fence Alerts When Trailer Is Moved 
  • Real Time GPS Updates 
  • Mobile Friendly Interface 
  • Multiple Reports Data Reports

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Stolen Trailer GPS

How do I keep my trailer from being stolen? Here are 5 quick tips to boost trailer security and asset security.

5 Tips For Preventing Trailer Theft

  • Invest In Wheel Locks
  • Avoid Keeping Valuables Inside & Visible From Outside
  • Equip A Live GPS Tracker For Trailer Tracking To Asset
  • Be Mindful Where You Park Your Travel Trailer Or Any Other Style Of Trialer
  • Block Doorways From Easy Entry

Battery Powered GPS Tracker For Trailer

One of the features that is critical in trailer theft prevention is a secondary power source. Ideally, a trailer GPS tracker is connected to the asset via hard-wire connection, but what if that connection is disrupted? This is why it is important the real time GPS tracking device has an internal battery so it can continue tracking a trailer if/when it is stolen. Those researching how to secure a boat trailer from theft, how to secure a utility trailer from theft, or how to secure a travel trailer from theft, should definitely understand the importance of investing in a GPS tracker for trailers with long lasting battery.

Live GPS trackerGPS Tracker For Travel Trailer

Anyone who has researched camper theft prevention, how to secure a trailer to the ground, or simply how to secure a travel trailer from theft, would know that the concern for security is very real. The truth is every single day that trailers are stolen and often times in plain site, validating the real fear people have that their trailer could be targeted by thieves. Naturally, avoidance of parking in high-risk areas and some of the other above tips how to prevent trailer theft are essential, but sometimes that is simply not enough. This is the reason a GPS tracker for travel trailers can provide the ultimate peace-of-mind because the technology provides live updates on location and can even send out an alert through text message or email the very second a travel trailer is moved! The trailer GPS tracker notification system allows a trailer owner to quickly contact authorities and direct them to the location of the stolen property which is ideal for the safe recovery of a travel trailer.

Top 10 Types Of Trailers Protected With GPS Tracking

  1. Flatbed Trailers
  2. Enclosed Trailers (Dry Vans)
  3. Refrigerated Trailers
  4. Lowboy Trailers
  5. Step Deck Trailers
  6. Extendable Flatbed Trailers
  7. Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGNs)
  8. Conestoga Trailers
  9. Multi-Car Trailers
  10. Sidekit Trailers 


Stolen Trailer Tracker

Theft happens. Every precaution can be taken but crimes of opportunity occur. Crimes of bad timing occur. Crimes can simply happen for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Although it is impossible to stop theft, the best thing companies and everyday people with trailers can do is invest in stolen trailer trackers to at least quickly locate a trailer the moment it is stolen. The reason is because the faster an asset is recovered the more likely it is the thief will be brought to justice, and the trailer won’t be broken down in parts and sold on the black market.

GPS tracking software

Trailer GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee

The reality is all real time GPS tracking devices require a monthly subscription because of data transmission, and therefore anyone seeking a stolen trailer tracker should be aware the monthly costs associated with theft-recovery can start around $17.95 per month. However, there are GPS data loggers on the market that offer the ability to record historical travel activity every single second and have no monthly fees. The portable GPS trackers are secretly attached to a trailer and then if the person rents the trailer out can review everywhere that trailer has been when it returns from its travels. Although trailer GPS trackers with no monthly fees do not offer theft-recovery they can tell a person everywhere that trailer was throughout the day.

Travel Trailer GPS Tracker