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Helping Young Students With Entrepreneurial Dreams

Iowa_stateRecently, a college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business at Iowa State University contacted the business GPS tracking experts at Tracking System Direct wanting to learn more about GPS vehicle management technology. The young student, who has dreams of creating his own business in the field of technology, wanted to increase his education by learning more about Internet companies that focus on markets that many professors would describe as “niche markets”. Tracking System Direct was proud to assist the young collegiate scholar in his quest for knowledge, and would like to share a small sample of the questions that he asked our GPS specialists.

1. Why Did You Choose To Pursue GPS Tracking Technology As A Career?

GPS tracking and vehicle management technology has evolved substantially over the past decade, making it advantageous and beneficial for not only business fleet management applications, but also consumer applications. Ten years ago, GPS monitoring devices were bulky boxes that required running an external antenna for reception, and installation to the vehicle’s electrical 12 volt system for operation. Not only were these GPS units an eye soar, but they were difficult to install and very cost-prohibitive for most businesses. With the evolution of portable and user-friendly GPS trackers combined with the explosion of growth in the telematics and cellular industries, GPS monitoring devices became more user-friendly, affordable and reliable, opening the technology to an entirely new audience and customer base. We saw this evolution of GPS and cellular technologies as an opportunity to become early adaptors from the business aspect of this new industry.

2. Why Did You Decide To Become A LandAirSea Dealer?

One of the biggest challenges facing consumers and businesses interested in purchasing GPS vehicle tracking solutions is the flood of international GPS units manufactured in places overseas such as China. These tracking systems are typically poorly engineered, fail to function off cellular networks based in the United States and fall well short of the performance standards that Tracking System Direct maintains. After researching, testing and evaluating hundreds of different devices, the GPS tracking experts at Tracking System Direct feel that the no manufacturer creates more reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly hardware and software than LandAirSea Systems. LandAirSea Systems also has over 16 years developing and manufacturing personal GPS tracking and vehicle management systems, making them not only pioneers in the GPS market, but also one of the most credible and reliable manufacturers.

3. How Has GPS Made An Impact On The World?

When was the last time you wrote directions on a piece of paper would be the first question I would ask? Most people understand the benefits of GPS navigational technologies, and probably have a smart phone that has Google Maps or some other mapping program as a mobile application. However, GPS tracking is also shifting and changing the way people conduct their everyday lives. For example, GPS tracking systems are now used to help parents of teen drivers identify if their son or daughter is speeding, businesses account for mileage or driver activity, law enforcement agencies perform precise surveillance investigative work, automobile owners have a full-proof auto0theft recovery/security system and a number of other applications that make life more simple, safe and secure.

4. What Are Some Of The Future Plans For Tracking System Direct?

Tracking System Direct looks to continue moving forward and adapting to an industry that is constantly changing and progressing. Tracking System Direct will continue to test, evaluate and offer only the best GPS trackers and security products the global market has to offer, while also being the online resource for anyone interested in learning more about surveillance-based technologies.

Basic Company Info:

Tracking System Direct is a company that is based in Southern California that focuses on the distribution of GPS fleet management and personal tracking solutions to consumers, businesses and government agencies. The company has received online accolades from respected and reputable online sites such as GPS Tracking Review, has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies for their vehicle management needs and is currently ranked at the top of Google under a variety of popular search terms, including the keyword search “tracking system“.