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Coast Guard Utilizes Both Navigation & GPS Tracking

As part of an ongoing effort to provide information regarding both GPS tracking and GPS navigation technology to consumers, businesses, and GPS enthusiasts, Tracking System Direct would like to share an incredible online resource that the good people of the United States Coast Guard have created. The site is called the United States Coast Guard Navigation System and is a sister site of the USCG home page.

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What Is The USCG Navigation Center?

The USCG Navigation Center homepage offers an assortment of knowledge and current events related to GPS technologies. Inside the site’s navigation visitors will discover information related to Digital GPS (DGPS), consolidated Nav info, various GPS advisories, notices of GPS testing, Local Notice to Marines (LNMs) and more.

The primary mission of the USCG Navigation Center is to provide knowledge related to what GPS technology is, space and weather information, maritime telecommunications information, long-range identification and tracking, and how the Selective Availability Act shaped consumer and business GPS as we now know it. However, the USCG Navigation Center offers a wealth of more information as well. This even includes a section where individuals can report any technical GPS problems or anomalies.

About The USCG

The USCG is now under the control of the Dept. of Homeland Security, but the Coast Guard’s mission, dedication, and vision have yet to change. For the greater part of 200 years, the USCG has focused on protecting U.S. maritime interests that include the marine economy, maritime borders and people in distress. With over 40,000 people making up the USCG, Americans can rest assured that the brave and decent people of the Coast Guard are always watching out for our nation’s interest.

“Working hands-on with a number of Federal government and military agencies, including the USCG, Tracking System Direct is proud to provide GPS fleet tracking and vehicle tracking solutions to the honorable servicemen and servicewomen who proudly give their time for this country”, explained a surveillance specialist for the Southern California GPS company.

We would like to thank every one of our servicemen and women who make up the USCG for their dedication and hard work. Their efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone at Tracking System Direct!