GPS Tracking Children

UPDATE: Child GPS Tracker The Answer?


GPS Tracker Not Needed to Find Missing Boy

balloonboyhoaxA boy who was believed to be in a balloon traveling across the Denver area was found safe in the garage of the family home. The story brought the use of child GPS trackers into the light as many news reporters spoke about how a child locating GPS tracking system could have helped authorities find the missing boy as the story was developing. As frightful as the story was, with witnesses claiming to have seen an object fall from the balloon that many people thought may have been the missing boy, the story became even more twisted when it was discovered that the whole incident may have been a hoax.

The boy’s family, who were being taped for a television show, are now being investigated by authorities for contriving and perpetuating the story in an attempt to bring publicity to the Hollywood-hungry family. The only thing a child locating GPS personal tracker may have recorded before and during the pseudo-situation would have likely been the deception of a family.

Local authorities intend on filing charges later this week against the family who have made no secret of their ambition to be famous. Although the story may have been falsified for publicity purposes, the story did bring the application of GPS tracking systems to help keep track of a child’s location into the spotlight.

GPS tracker systems that can monitor the location of a child can be purchased around $79 for the GPS tracking hardware, and have a required monthly service fee ranging from $29-$49 a month depending on the service provider.

Source: New York Times