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UPDATE: GPS Tracking System Cracks International Truck Theft Operation


GPS Tracking System Leads To Arrest And Conviction

Architect Of International Truck Theft Ring Sentenced

In an article published in November 2009 Tracking System Direct wrote an article about how a GPS tracking system lead to the arrest of a man who was believed to be the architect of an international truck theft operation. The article titled, “GPS Tracking System Cracks International Truck Theft Operation” provided details about how law enforcement utilized GPS tracking data transmitted onboard one of the trucks a gang of men stole, which eventually lead to the thieves arrest. Following up on the story, Tracking System Direct gained access to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that stated Yuri David Melendez was sentenced to almost 10 years in a federal penitentiary for his role as the leader of an international truck theft ring that sent expensive stolen American trucks to Central America.

Melendez received the maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to a United States District Judge for his role in conspiring to transport and export stolen goods. He was also given an additional 108-month sentence in addition to the 5-year sentence for an unrelated drug conviction.

Source: Houston FBI

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