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The great thing about any technological products is that they are constantly being improved to become more efficient and effective tools for the consumer or business. This is why computer companies such as Apple and Microsoft are constantly developing faster-operating systems, and companies such as Google are stepping into and changing the way smartphone communication and mobile advertising are created. Technological boundaries are constantly being crossed, pushing the world into a new era of innovation and development. The GPS tracking system market is no different in the same regards.

GPS monitoring and tracking technology has totally changed over the past decade, and even more so in the last five years. Once only utilized by police forces and businesses with large fleet and mobilization, GPS trackers are now being used for various consumer-based monitoring solutions from elderly care to teen safety. The market for GPS monitoring devices is now a booming billion-dollar business, and those who have already taken advantage of what the location-based systems can offer the police force, consumer or business cannot imagine what life would be like without the technology. However, what many GPS users are not certain of is when they should upgrade their current model of trackers and invest in a more sophisticated model of tracking system?

Why Should I Upgrade My Tracking Device?

Like any technological product, GPS monitoring systems are continually evolving through innovation to become more user-friendly and reliable. GPS antennas are now developed with additional sensitivity to pick up GPS satellite signals in tough placement locations, battery-life is being extended and product cost is coming down. Not to mention, your personal tracking application(s) may have changed now that you are more familiar with how the technology works. Maybe at first, you felt a real-time tracking solution was the only solution that would fit your need, but as time has passed you now see that a GPS data logger that has no monthly service fees will accomplish your tracking needs? Maybe you are on the other side of the coin and now realize that a passive system is not going to fulfill all of your tracking needs and that a live tracking system would be a more effective tool? Whatever the case may be, if your GPS monitoring system is 2-3 years or older it may be time to start researching a new GPS unit and considering an upgrade.

What Type Of GPS Tracking System Should I Look For?

Currently, the GPS market is split between real-time and passive monitoring devices. Real-time GPS trackers are what most people are familiar with, live tracking units where data can be accessed through the computer over the Internet. However, passive systems are actually the more popular choice for consumer-based tracking because of the more cost-effective pricing and no monthly service fees. There really is no way to label what system would be most appropriate for your particular needs without discussing your personal goals and needs. There is a reason why the market is saturated with so many different tracking systems, and that reason is that so many people have different GPS monitoring needs.

Understanding that GPS monitoring devices do not fit the  “one size fits all” mold, TSD has taken extensive measures and time to train our GPS experts on finding out what GPS monitoring system will meet your individual tracking needs. If you have a system that is out-dated, or you simply want to learn more about what the GPS monitoring market now has to offer, please feel free to contact a TSD tracking professional. GPS experts are available 7 days a week via email or phone to assist with your GPS monitoring needs!