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Vehicle Tracking Devices Assist Sanitation Workers


GPS Trackers For Sanitation Vehicles

Tracking Systems Will Improve Fleet Management In Manteca

With the current recession forcing cities everywhere across the United States to make budget cuts, the California city of Manteca is looking at GPS tracking devices to help the city save money. City administrators believe that by monitoring sanitation workers and improving the fleet management efforts of garbage trucks that the city will be able to reduce overtime and increase the overall efficiency and performance of waste removal teams.

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Another benefit of using vehicle tracking technology on the Manteca garbage trucks is that it will allow sanitation managers to access the diagnostic systems on-board the trucks, helping them identify and diagnose potential mechanical issues before they turn into an expensive problem.

The real-time tracking systems can even be programmed to unlock doors, remote start, and more if the city wants to expand on the GPS tracking devices’ capabilities.

The city will have a vote on the GPS tracking systems measure that is expected to come with a $51,000 price tag, but it is widely expected that the vote will not have any hiccups, passing through successfully with little or no protest.

Even though the measure will likely save the city money in the long term, do you think that it is responsible for city officials to be spending more cash when the budget is already in a deficit?

Do you think the sanitation workers will have a problem or issue with the city micro-managing their movements?

Do you consider this proposed measure to be too “big brother“, or is it a good thing that tax dollars actually go to a project that will likely increase the efficiency and accountability of public workers?

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