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GPS Tracker For Buses

Have you ever wondered how busing operations can make sure bus drivers are not speeding, and that stops are being made at the appropriate times? The answer is real time GPS trackers. What these vehicle fleet solutions can do is provide live data on where every bus is located, how fast they are traveling, and even if there are any mechanical issues with the bus! However, one of the biggest advantages of live GPS vehicle tracking is providing bus companies is the ability to share the real time locations of each bus with riders so they will always be able to locate a bus. Not to mention, have a more accurate sense of arrival and departure times. This is the reason why so many bus companies are investing in real time GPS tracking technology.

KAT Looking To Boost Routing And Fleet Management

Bus Company Invests In GPS Tracking Systems

A transit company based out of Knoxville, Tennessee will be investing in vehicle tracking devices to boost fleet management operations as well as provide other unique benefits for bus passengers. What the company is hoping the GPS tracking systems will do is provide potential bus riders a way to easily monitor whether a bus will meet it’s projected arrival times while optimizing routing and fleet management operations. The plan, which will outfit every bus within the company with a GPS vehicle tracking system by year’s end, will allow the Knoxville Area Transit company to:

  1. View buses as they travel within the city in real-time.
  2. Monitor routes each bus driver has taken and mileage is driven per day, week and month.
  3. Calculate better-estimated arrival times for bus stops.
  4. Allow riders to access live maps online where the passengers can view GPS tracking data of where their bus is at.

The Knoxville Area Transit company (KAT) has a long and rich history providing people living in the areas around Knoxville with a reliable form of transportation. The company, which has a history rooted in the mid-1800s, began by offering Knoxville residents transportation via horse-drawn streetcars.

Through the new vehicle tracking plan that will utilize real-time devices similar to the SilverCloud GPS, KAT aims to get buses arriving and departing more closely to the times stated. The systems may also be used in the future to allow passengers to access live real-time bus location information via a computer or smartphone. The plan to put GPS trackers in each bus showcases the companies ability to adapt and evolve with the changing times, as they will now have a more effective fleet management method of improving bus efficiency and the overall passenger experience.

Source: TNJN