Verizon iPhone GPS


Will You Make The Switch?

GPS Tracking Apps & Features: Could They Be Compromised On Verizon?

iphoneThe rumors have been swirling pretty much since the day Apple launched the ultra-popular and innovative creation of the iPhone.

  • How long will AT&T have exclusive service rights?
  • When will Verizon¬†get in the mix?
  • When will the iPhone join the CDMA line of smart phones?

Gadget and technology sites have consistently been asking those very questions, but now it is official that Verizon will soon be offering the Apple iPhone to customers potentially as early as February. With so many people committed to AT&T solely for their love of the iPhone, many analysts expect customers to jump ship onto the Verizon network in search for better and more reliable service.

Although many independent review companies have shown that the general view by most people is that Verizon has much more efficient and reliable service compared AT&T, many analysts wonder how many people will really make the switch in search of less dropped calls and better coverage? Personally, I have been in a love/hate relationship with my wireless carrier for years. I am addicted like a crack head to my iPhone, but every single day find myself angry at AT&T over a dropped call or poor coverage. And it is not like I live in some rural cowboy country, but rather live in a southern California city with a population of over 100,000 people! As much as I get frustrated with AT&T I have never considered leaving their service because of my addiction to my iPhone, but whereas in the past I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, I now have another option. Verizon.

GPS Tracking: Will It Be Different With Verizon?

GPS tracking apps and programs that utilize monitoring technology such as Google Maps, are one of the coolest things about smart phones. I cannot tell you how often I use my Google Maps app on my iPhone to guide me through certain areas and locations. However, one of the first concerns I had about the new iPhone is if the apps that utilize GPS tracking technology will be compromised?

After research and review, I have determined with confidence that all of the apps that utilize live GPS tracking technology will not be affected from the CDMA network. In fact, because Verizon has a larger coverage map, the GPS apps could actually be more efficient and accurate!

Will You Leave AT&T For Verizon?

The time to make a decision is coming closer and closer for many folks as they ponder whether they should stick it out with AT&T in hopes that their coverage will magically improve, or make the switch to Verizon, sign that 2-year contract and get a new iPhone. Personally, I have always stated that I would switch in a heartbeat once the CDMA verizon option became available, but now I am wondering if that is a good decision? Maybe the iPhone will drag the Verizon network down the same way many experts believe that the iPhone is a main contributor to the cause of many of the problems associated with the AT&T network. I will probably wait things out for a few months and see how the iPhone technology responds to the CDMA network before making the switch?

What will you do?