Victoria GPS Tracker Reviews

Victoria Tracking System Review

Complete Analysis Of A Top Selling Real-Time Tracker

Looking to provide insight and expert technical analysis on the GPS monitoring devices creating a buzz throughout the industry, TSD will frequently test and evaluate the tracking systems consumers, businesses or police agencies have questions about. Over the past 5 years, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for real-time monitoring devices as the public has become more exposed to the many benefits real time GPS tracking can offer. These benefits can include things such as increased theft-prevention, improved vehicle management strategies or a simple way to document mileage. Regardless of the reason consumers, businesses or police agencies have for investing in live tracking technology, it is clearly evident that the demand for real-time products is huge. Unfortunately, smart shoppers looking for impartial and in-depth reviews often struggle to find the information they seek. This is because most technology blogs will simply allow manufacturers or resellers of GPS products to write their own puffy and sugar-coated reviews in exchange for cold hard cash, leaving the consumer scratching their head for the truth. After reviewing hundreds of different passive and real-time GPS units, our GPS experts decided to run the LandAirSea Victoria tracking system through the evaluation and testing process. Here is what our results concluded.

LandAirSea Systems: A Little About The GPS Manufacturer

LandAirSea is headquartered a little outside the Chicago area and has been specializing in GPS monitoring equipment for over 15 years. LandAirSea has a sterling reputation among government and law enforcement agencies such as the ATF, Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Border Patrol because the company was the very first to create second-by-second tracking devices that could be magnetically installed to the outside of a vehicle without being affected by the elements. LandAirSea is most known for its creation of the GPS Tracking Key, a compact and cost-effective car and truck GPS tracker that has no monthly fees and is very popular among parents looking to monitor teen driving, or people in relationships questioning the fidelity of their mate.

Victoria Tracking System Specifications

Operating temperature of car tracker: -22 F to 156 F (If you live in a place below or above operating temperatures you should consider a move)

Dimensions of hardware: 2.28″ wide, 3.90″ long, .90″ deep (Size does matter, and this live tracker is one of the smallest on the market!)

Frequency of updates: UNLIMITED updates every 10 seconds, or every 20 feet if person/vehicle is traveling less than 10 miles per hour

Historical playback options: Data is saved and secured for an unlimited amount of time.

Power source: Internal lithium-ion battery. However, the tracking system can be hard-wire connected to a vehicle for permanent installation

Victoria Tracker: A Brief Description Of What The Heck It Is

TSD has tested and evaluated many GPS monitoring devices and we have to say many of them are absolute garbage. This is because many GPS units are built in Taiwan or China and are resold here in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these devices are unable to perform effectively on the telematics and GPS/cellular networks and do not meet the standards to transmit and receive data with precision here in the U.S. Making the situation worse, is these often cheaply engineered GPS tracking devices are often sold with no support or warranty. Well that is 100% NOT the case with this real-time tracking unit.

Victoria trackers are built and designed here in the United States. Yes, you heard me correctly when I said here on American soil by real Americans! Even better is that the GPS monitoring device is technically supported by Americans as well. That means no pre-script questions or frustration from dealing with our good friends in India and Costa Rica!

This tracking unit transmits data in real-time, allowing people to uncover where their vehicle is at live from the comfort of home or work. The tracking unit is flexible enough to provide the fleet management needs of Fortune 500 companies, yet simple enough for everyday consumers to use. Used as a portable device, the Victoria will record roughly 12-15 hours of wheels-in-motion drive time. With standard domestic drive time being roughly 1-2 hours per day, most people will get about 2 weeks worth of driving data before needing to recharge the unit. However, the device can be permanently hard-wire connected to a vehicle with a direct cable accessory. Most people prefer this method so they do not have to worry or think about battery-life, especially if theft recovery or vehicle management is the intended application.

Final Thoughts On Tracking System

The Victoria is a real great device that is worth every penny. Software is free and technical assistance is free for life, so anybody with questions will easily find answers, not frustration. Data is viewed over Google Earth, a clear and easy to use satellite image program, that allows users to get an in-depth review and account of driving activity as it is happening or the history. However, it is important to note that many overseas companies have many devices that look very similar from the perspective of the casing to the Victoria, but the internal GPS boards, antennas and more are 100% different. If you are seeing a device that looks very similar on eBay or some other non-reputable GPS site you will want to avoid dealing with them or purchasing from them. Contact a sales member and look at the companies’ site for contact info etc.

Good Luck!