Victoria GPS Tracker

Real-Tracking Made Simple!

2D3DviewRemarkable in every sense, the Victoria tracking system is pure royalty. The gold standard among live GPS monitoring systems, the Victoria tracker is the only live, real-time solution for consumers, businesses, and law enforcement agencies. Many GPS car trackers record a vehicle’s position every 15 minutes or 5 minutes, but the Victoria car tracker records and stores the position of a vehicle every 10 seconds! Whats even more impressive is the Victoria tracking system will record and store a position every 20 feet if the person using the GPS car tracker is walking or running!

Great for domestic and international tracking, the Victoria tracker can be used anywhere in the world!

The Victoria tracker is the best available tool on the market for tracking a:

  1. Employee Suspected Of Misusing A Company Vehicle (Business Tracking)
  2. Newly Licensed Teen Driver (Teen GPS Tracker)
  3. Elderly Parent Or Family Member
  4. Cheating Spouse (GPS Spouse Tracking)
  5. Individual With Substance Abuse-Related Problems
  6. Fleet Of Vehicles (Fleet Management)

The Victoria tracking system is the most user-friendly live GPS tracking system on the market and only requires 2 simple steps!

  1. Place the charged Victoria System on, or in  the vehicle you wish to track (Hard-wiring option is available).
  2. Then watch the vehicle or asset  in real-time live from your computer! Users can also review historical data of everywhere the vehicle has been.

Using the real time GPS tracker is that simple!

Five Reasons Why the Victoria Tracking System is the Solution for You!

1.The Victoria Will Tell You Where A Driver Is Going And Everywhere They Have Been.

The Victoria tracker can be used to see where a driver is located at any given point in time, or everywhere they have traveled. Approximately 100 days of historical data can be recorded on the Victoria GPS system. Monitoring the driving activity of a teen, employee, significant other, or elderly family member has never been so easy. The Victoria tracking system will liberate the unknown driving habits of your most precious assets.

Currently, the live car tracker works in over 100 countries across the globe, offering people from the United States to Thailand and everywhere in between exceptional live GPS monitoring! (International tracking service is $49.95 per month).

2. The Victoria Tracking System Is Accurate, Portable And Easy.

The Victoria tracker is accurate up to 2 meters, smaller than many cellular phones, and was designed with a belt-clip attachment for portability. Accurate and dependable, the Victoria tracking system data can easily be accessed by any computer with Internet capabilities, allowing users to view GPS tracking data from almost any location. To review recorded or live GPS tracking data users only need to download software to any of the computers they want to view data from.

3. The Victoria Tracking System Is Faster

Not only does the Victoria tracking system record where a driver is at and the places they have traveled, but the advanced GPS tracker can do it faster than any other live monitoring device on the market. Our advanced software polls our lightning fast servers every 2-3 seconds looking for new data/updates. This, in combination with our integration of Google Earth and cached data, results in the fastest refresh rates in the industry. Web-based applications can update slow and be prone to glitches, resulting in spotty and dragging refresh rates. Through the use of our advanced software, users get the fastest and cleanest refresh rates. Government agencies and police departments all across the country choose the Victoria tracker because of the fast refresh rates, and due to the increased security and safety of using software rather than the Internet where viruses run wild.

3.The Victoria Tracking System Monthly Subscription Is Affordable.

Never worry about contracts or termination fees again! The Victoria tracking system has five (5) different UNLIMITED service plans that will allow users to view recorded and live GPS tracking data as many times they want, whenever they want! Every subscription plan is month-to-month so users can cancel service anytime without penalty. Tracking System Direct offers multiple data plans to fit the needs of every GPS vehicle tracker user:

  • $ 19.95 Per Month: UNLIMITED Five (5) Minute Plan
  • $ 29.95 Per Month: UNLIMITED One (1) Minute Plan
  • $ 39.95 Per Month: UNLIMITED Ten (10) Second Plan
  • $ 49.95 Per Month: UNLIMITED Five (5) Second Plan
  • $ 59.95 Per Month: UNLIMITED Three (3) Second Plan

Every data plan provides users an unlimited amount of continuous tracking data that offers both casual and power users with clear and consistent data without large gaps. Paying for pings is expensive, and bread crumb GPS points are for the birds!

A one-time activation obligation of $29.99 is also required at the time of activation.

5. Never Worry About Battery Life With Victoria Tracking System.

The Victoria tracking system can be recharged with the included 120 VAC wall charger, or hard-wired to a vehicle’s power supply for users who want the option to permanently have the GPS tracker equipped to the vehicle. (Hard-wire kit and harnesses for the Victoria are an additional $59.99). The Victoria tracking system also comes with a free USB charging cable accessory for people who want to recharge the system by inserting it into any personal computer. Another great feature of the Victoria tracking system is that users can access the battery-life percentage of the GPS tracker by logging into the online web interface.

GPS Tracking System Applications


Vehicle Tracking, Covert Tracking, Real-Time Tracking, Teen Tracking, Elderly Tracking, Asset Tracking, Fleet Management, Law Enforcement Tracking, Spouse Tracking, Small Business Tracking, Relationship Tracking, Large Business Tracking, Child Tracking.