Fleet Tracking System

Viewing Multiple Vehicles With GPS

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Web-Interface Provides Full Fleet Viewing

Monitoring Multiple Vehicles With SilverCloud GPS Technology

One of the biggest drawbacks of using GPS data loggers as vehicle management solutions is that the user cannot view all of the driving data of each vehicle over a singular web-based interface. This is because with technology that is passive the user must gain access to the GPS tracker, download data via USB connection and then view only that one driver’s particular geo-locational GPS travel history. This process works fine for small businesses with less than ten (10) company drivers, but for larger fleet tracking applications, the only time-effective solution is to have a system in place that allows for the viewing of all company mobile assets over the same web-based interface. Since having instant access to fleet activity is essential to many business operations, the engineers behind the SilverCloud GPS made it easy for anyone to access the locational GPS data of all their drivers over one simple to use web-interface that can be accessed via mobile phone or computer.

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Activating Your SilverCloud GPS System

Real-time tracking units require the combined use of both satellite and cellular technology to receive and transmit GPS data. How this works is the device acquires low-level radio signals from the Department of Defense network of global satellites hovering around us in space, allowing the device to capture an assortment of information related to location, speeds traveled, and more. This GPS data is then sent across a wireless channel via cellular tower(s) to computer servers that provide the bridge for the user to be able to access their unique GPS data by mobile phone with Internet access or computer. Since the telematics companies and people behind them are not cool with people using their towers for free, live tracking systems require a monthly service obligation. This means each live monitoring unit must be activated before usage.

Activating the SilverCloud tracker is a simple process that only takes a couple of minutes. Basically, the user goes to an activations page of the service company where the user will insert information such as the data plan they want to select, the serial number of the device they have, login information to access data and credit card information so the monthly service can be automatically billed every month. The great thing about using the SilverCloud GPS compared to other devices on the market is that the service does not come with any contracts or long-term obligations, allowing the user to cancel service at any time, for any reason without penalty.

If the user has purchased multiple units, all they have to do is enter the serial number of each unit during the activations process, and then the user will be able to view each GPS vehicle tracker unit over the same web-based platform. For those who have purchased a device in the past and now need another because of the increase of their fleet, all the user needs to do is contact Kathy at activations@landairsea.com or call us here at 951-704-9503 and she can set up that second device with the same credentials as the first. This will allow the customer to view both devices at the same time under one User ID.

Accessing GPS tracking data has never been more simple and user-friendly thanks to the SilverCloud!