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Many people place wall clocks in their homes either for functional or décor purposes, but now the latest in covert hidden camera surveillance technology has brought us the Wall Clock Camera. The Wall Clock Camera is a completely functional wall clock that can be activated either by remote control, timer or motion detection, providing users a coevrt system that will instantly capture an intruder, cheating spouse or employee abusing company time. The Wall Clock Camera is a completely self-contained unit with no visible wires that offers roughly a month of recording operation on a single battery charge when the hidden camera is on standby mode, giving anyone looking to enhance their home or office security needs the perfect solution.

Wall Clock Camera Specifications & Technical Info:

  • HD Resolution 1280×720 for a True 720P Picture
  • Indoor/Outdoor Hidden Video Surveillance Systems (select models
  • Now Using a Wide Angle Lens XL Captures More of your Scene than Ever Before
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Batteries using PIR Sensor Provide Up To 90 days of Operation (16 hours continuous record)
  • Night Vision – Hidden IR Lights Capture Video at Night (select models)
  • Time/Date Stamped Files
  • Digital CMOS camera with 720P Image Censor Provides Clear Captured Video
  • Memory Card Recording for Portable, Transferable Storage – up to 64GB
  • Easy HD Video Playback Now Capable of Playback on Windows, Apple, Android and Other Platforms
  • Fast Start Up: From Trigger to Record in 2 Seconds, Nothing Captures Video Faster than Xtreme Life
  • When Privacy Matters our Completely Concealed Cameras Hide in Plain Sight
  • No Visible Wires
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Why The Wall Clock Camera Is For You

What makes the Wall Clock Camera advantageous for home security is the covert design that allows this system to be an effective monitoring solution for anyone. Place the Wall Clock Camera in a bedroom, kitchen, office or living area and let the hidden camera system capture crystal clear video on its image sensor. The Wall Clock Camera will gather video data on a memory card up to 32GB, but even if the user forgets to swap out memory cards they can feel rest assured that the device’s memory overwrite function will store the newest data, copying over the oldest stored data first.

Product Includes:

  • Wall Clock Camera
  • Wall Clock Camera Users Manual & Instruction Guide
  • SD Memory Card Reader
  • USB Download Cable
  • RCA Video Cable
  • Remote Control
  • 4GB SD Memory Card