Was Google GPS Tracked?


GPS Tracking Device Rumored To Follow Google Vehicle

“Vehicle Tracking System Was Not On Street View Car”, Says Google

street_viewA rumor had been circulating throughout the web that a couple of pranksters placed a portable GPS tracking system onto a Google Street View vehicle working in Germany. The pranksters stated online that they were able to access vehicle tracking data that would show everywhere the Google Street View car would move in real-time thanks to the GPS tracker. What was even more impressive was that the pranksters suggested they monitored the progression of updated Google Maps to discover where the Google Street View vehicle was located, allowing them to easily locate and place the GPS tracking system.

Being a worldwide distributor of vehicle tracking system technology and using Google Earth programming to plot GPS tracking data, Tracking System Direct found this story very interesting and decided to research the German prankster’s claim. When Tracking System Direct contacted the Mountain View, CA search engine giant they responded by stating that the Street View cars were not even roaming the German landscape.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of Google stated that a group known as the Free Art & Technology Lab (F.A.T Lab) were using phony Street View cars and driving around Germany pretending to represent Google. The spokesperson also claimed that there was absolutely no truth to the rumors of a Google Street View car being covertly monitored with GPS tracking system.

When contacted about whether they were indeed the pranksters behind the car tracking hoax, F.A.T Lab chose not to respond.

Source: Forbes