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GPSpro-upsidedownGPS tracking systems are now commonly called upon by businesses to track employee driving activity, consumers to increase personal safety and police agencies to conduct sleuth investigations. With real-time GPS technology now both cost-effective and user-friendly, the market has opened the doors to a number of new monitoring applications from everything to teenage driving safety to auto-theft security and everything in between. The best part is that many tracker devices do not even need to be professionally installed, as many tracking units are engineered with their own internal battery support and therefore can be used as portable monitoring solutions. This allows people who are interested in tracking a vehicle to simply place a tracker device under a seat, in a glove box or essentially any location in the target automobile.

But what if the person wanting to track a vehicle doesn’t have access to the inside of the car? What if they don’t want to put a tracker device inside the automobile they want to track? For people wanting to place a GPS vehicle tracking unit on the outside of a automobile it is recommended a waterproof case be utilized because water-resistant hardware is not strong enough to hold up against the elements.

GPS Tracker Waterproof Case

When searching for a waterproof case for a GPS tracker system it is very important that the manufacturer designed the case specifically to house a GPS unit. This is because components made of metal can interfere with GPS reception. The waterproof case should also have a magnetic mount strong enough to hold securely to the under carriage of the vehicle.

Tracking System Direct currently offers such a rugged and durable waterproof case with exterior magnetic mount for those who purchased the popular SilverCloud GPS. However, the waterproof case was designed specifically to house and protect those two trackers and will not properly secure any third party trackers.

The best thing for people seeking a waterproof case for their GPS tracking system to do is contact the company they originally purchased the GPS monitoring system from. Most likely they will have a lie of accessories to support such a consumer need.