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GPS Bracelet For Seniors Waterproof

Over the past decade, tracker devices that utilize GPS and cellular technology have been used for a number of different applications related to the enhancement of personal safety. These consumer GPS applications include monitoring of senior citizens and tracking of children. How the most common of these tracker devices work is through the use of a GPS bracelet that constantly omits locational data. The locational data, which can be viewed from any computing system hooked up to the Internet, provides real-time GPS coordinates superimposed over a satellite mapping program. This gives parents, family members or caregivers a simple yet technologically advanced method to safeguard loved ones. The only shortcoming with many of the GPS bracelets on the market is that they lacked full water protection capabilities. That is of course until now!

GPS bracelets on the market typically are only designed to be water-resistant. Although the term water-resistant can be somewhat subjective, one thing is for sure and that is GPS tracker bracelets cannot be worn in the shower. This is because the term water-resistant refers to a tracker device being able to function under conditions where light splashing of water is present. The water exposure from a shower would simply be too much for a GPS tracking system that is only water-resistant to withstand. This is a huge concern for families using GPS bracelets for senior tracking.

“The primary feedback concern we received from our buyers is that they needed a GPS bracelet that was completely waterproof”, a sales representative for Tracking System Direct explained. “With so many of our tracking bracelets being used for senior monitoring, buyers requested that the tracker device must be waterproof so that the senior wearing the GPS bracelet could take a shower with the device on. We sent this feedback to our engineering team, and now believe we will have something on the market for consumers that meets their needs very soon.”


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Waterproof GPS Tracker Bracelet

Tracking System Direct has been working closely with GPS monitoring bracelet engineers to develop a tracking bracelet that offers complete water protection. Although the process has been long and arduous, Tracking System Direct is proud to announce that the development of a GPS bracelet fully waterproof has been successful and that the new personal tracking solution should be debuting before the first of the year! Ideal for personal monitoring situations such as senior GPS tracking, the new bracelet will offer more reliability for consumers.

Southern California fleet management solutions company Tracking System Direct has spent years providing businesses and consumers with vehicle management hardware to improve efficiency, reliability, and security. Although the GPS company has been primarily known for its popular fleet tracking devices, the Temecula-based company is proud to announce the debut of a Senior GPS Bracelet that will help families, caregivers and friends better monitor their elderly loved ones suffering from illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

“Through the feedback of our clients we have been made well aware of the positive impact our GPS monitoring solutions have had on improving employee productivity, reducing fuel consumption and enhancing vehicle security”, the President of Operations for Tracking System Direct stated. “However, this new Senior GPS Bracelet is going to take those same principles of improved safety and push them into an entirely new level. This personal tracking system will give family members real-time locational information and alerts on the whereabouts of their elderly loved ones diagnosed with degenerative memory illness. We truly believe that this new product will save lives.”

Features Of Senior GPS Bracelet

  1. Security Lock Option
  2. Lightweight Wristwatch Design
  3. Emergency Panic Button
  4. Two Way Voice Communication
  5. Real-Time GPS Updates
  6. Virtual Boundary Settings & Alerts

More information on the elderly GPS tracker can be found on the Tracking System Direct company website, which also operates as a resource guide for anyone interested in a vehicle or personal monitoring applications and safety. The Senior GPS Bracelet Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) is currently valued at $499.00 per unit. Each GPS tracker does require a monthly service obligation. There are no activation fees, termination fees or contracts for service.

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About Tracking System Direct

Headquartered in Southern California, Tracking System Direct has been providing vehicle management and personal tracking systems to companies and families for years. These tracking systems have helped law enforcement conduct surveillance, businesses cut gas consumption and families better monitor loved ones.