Wedding Photographer With ALS

Community Rallies Around Wedding Photographer With ALS

Although every person alive understands that their time here on Earth is limited, most do not spend much time thinking about the finish line. Instead, we go to the jobs that we may or may not like, enjoy the company of close family and friends and take it easy by watching a good television show or sporting event. Unfortunately, some of us no longer have the luxury of time to waste because they received the type of news that nobody ever wants to hear: that they have a degenerative terminal illness for which there is currently no cure. This is what happened when neurologists told Anthony Carbajal, a wedding photographer in Temecula, that his medical¬†examinations showed he had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

When most people think of ALS they typically think of an older person who has already lived a somewhat full life, but Carbajal is only in his mid 20’s. A college graduate who decided to turn a passion for photography into a small business after he realized his mother’s medical condition required him to be home as much as possible, Carbajal quickly gained a reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in Wine Country Temecula. Sadly, Carbajal was quite familiar with ALS because his mother was also diagnosed with the neurological condition about 7 years ago, but that did not stop him from creating a successful business that has flourished. Carbajal has documented over 120 weddings in just the past 3 years and had another 30 on the books for this year, but due to the unexpected diagnosis will be forced to retire prematurely from his passion. From the career that he loved to the art that defined him, to the photographic talent that allowed him to support his still ailing mother, Carbajal is now taking the ingredients that have made him so successful in all his endeavors into a one-on-one fight with ALS that he is determined to win.

The love and outpouring of support for Carbajal has never been more evident than in the past 48 hours where hundreds upon hundreds of friends, past clients, and complete strangers throughout the community have been sharing warm wishes and sending good vibes to this local artist. With infectious laughter, goal-driven mind and kind heart, it is pretty easy to see why the Temecula community has been rallying around Carbajal. “Nobody deserves ALS, certainly a young man in his 20’s who created a business to help his family”, explained a local Temecula wedding photographer and close friend of Carbajal. “Anthony is a wonderful individual with charisma, compassion, and talent, and it simply breaks my heart that he will no longer be able to pursue his career, his passion because of an illness he has no control over.”

Those wanting to send a positive message to Carbajal can do so directly by contacting him on his Facebook page. Those wanting to make a small donation to help Anthony and his family cover medical expenses and other costs can do so via his fundraiser page. Everyone at Tracking System Direct is pulling for you, Anthony! You will be in our thoughts and prayers every day!