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What are some main ways elderly people can remain safe behind the wheel

What is a Warning Sign of Unsafe Elderly Driving?

One of the most challenging moments for families is when a senior loved one begins showing signs of memory-loss and overall cognitive patterns. This is dangerous for many reasons, but even more so when it comes to driving. The reality is many seniors can be a danger to themselves as well as other motorists on the road when they drive a vehicle with even the mildest form of mental degeneration. But for families wondering what are some main ways elderly people can remain safe behind the wheel the good news comes in the form of GPS trackers for seniors driving. So let’s take a look at what GPS tracking devices are, how the systems work, and how the technology can boost elderly driving safety!


Improving Senior Driving Safety

The two categories of drivers that are most often times viewed as “high-risk” are teen drivers due to their inexperience, and senior drivers due to their potentially diminished physical abilities. Although both forms of driver can pose a serious concern to other motorists sharing the roadways, seniors present some of the more unique and challenging problems because they will often time continue driving well beyond the time they should hang up the keys permanently. This results in potentially dangerous situations for both other motorists and the senior driver themselves. Determining whether a senior driver needs to hang up the keys for good used to require in-depth personal investigation into driving and personal habits that could take months to assess and analyze, but senior tracking systems such as the SilverCloud GPS are making it easier for concerned family members and friends to figure out if an elderly driver needs to retire from driving.


Before a person makes the decision to use fleet tracking technology to observe whether or not a senior driver could be a liability on the road they should first observe for both warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and warning signs of diminished driving capabilities. People interested in investigating the warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease should contact informative agencies such as the Alzheimer’s Association to access educational and awareness material, but for those people who are trying to determine whether a senior driver is showing signs of diminished driving capabilities, Tracking System Direct has posted a few common warning signs associated with poor senior driving.

Senior Driving Warning Signs

GPS Tracker For Seniors

Dents & Scrapes On Vehicle: Most senior drivers will not openly come out and say that they believe that their driving skills are diminishing, therefore concerned family members and friends need to observe for some warning signs that may suggest a senior driver is having increased difficulty managing a motor vehicle. One of the more common warning signs is the observation of dents, dings and scrapes on the senior driver’s vehicle. The mild body damage could suggest that the senior driver is having trouble judging distances, staying within their driving lanes and more.

Depth Judgement Problems: A simple observation of behavior can determine whether a senior might potentially be struggling with depth perception, a tool necessary to functionally operate a motor vehicle with control.

Driver Talks About Getting Lost In Local Areas: Family members or friends who are concerned about a senior driver need to talk with that person frequently to investigate for potential warning signs, and one of the biggest warning signs is when a senior driver mentions that they often times become lost in local areas that should be very familiar to the motorist. Getting lost in familiar areas is a common symptom associated with memory-related illness such as dementia.

Diminished Eyesight: One of the common symptoms of aging is diminished eyesight. Although some elderly drivers can continue to drive effectively and responsibly with the assistance of eye glasses, diminished eyesight can have a negative impact on night driving and driving at twilight.

How Do You Help Someone Who Has Problems Driving?

Senior Driving Activity Exposed With GPS

What makes technology so great is that has given people the ability to efficiently access a wide range of information in a short period of time, and that is exactly what makes GPS tracking so special and useful to those who desire to monitor a senior driver. What tracking systems such as the SpaceHawk GPS provide is a unique and simple way to find out what a senior driver is doing in their vehicle through the use of satellite surveillance. What car tracking technology provides is concerned family members information related to all of the driving activity of an elderly motorist. This information includes everything from stops made, duration of stops, addresses of places visited, speeds driven, time en route, time departed and more. The tracking solutions also offer alert capabilities that will email and or text the system operator if a senior is speeding or in a location that is abnormal. All of the data is accessible in real-time via computer or smart phone, making it easy for anyone to retrieve or view the GPS data.

Determing when a senior driver needs to hang up the car keys for good is important to the safety of everyone, and GPS tracking technology is helping families pinpoint more precisely when that time is.

Best GPS Tracker For Senior Drivers

SpaceHawk GPSSadly, for many people with age comes memory-loss, and with that memory-loss can come less independence. Many families have to deal with the stress and struggles of having an elderly family member battling anything from Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, to occasional forgetfulness. Anybody who has felt the panic and anxiety after an elderly family member became lost for hours or days understands how devastating and intense the situation can be. One of the main problems with elderly persons battling memory-loss is that they can easily fall into a haze or state of confusion then lead functional, normal lives the next moment. With the pendulum swings coming at unexpected times, many families are finding a sense of relief in a senior car GPS tracking system simply known as the SpaceHawk.

Driving Evaluation For Elderly

GPS tracking systems offer families who have a member suffering with memory-loss the comfort that their elderly loved one(s) will never become lost. When an elderly person suffering from memory-loss falls into a state of confusion they can be a danger to themselves or others, leaving a family scared and panicked. However, many families are now turning to GPS tracking system devices to alleviate their fears in two ways.

  1. Installation of a real-time vehicle tracking system to the car of an elderly person(s) will give families the ability access live where grandma or grandpa are at anytime.
  2. Personal tracking systems that can be placed in a pocket or worn with by a belt clip will monitor the day-to-day comings and goings of grandma or grandma.

GPS tracking systems were designed to monitor either the vehicle or the person, but that was until the SpaceHawk vehicle tracker was created. SpaceHawk GPS masterfully combines personal tracking and vehicle tracking and put them into one spectacular unit, giving elderly people suffering from memory-loss more independence.

Live GPS Vehicle Trackers For Senior Drivers

What makes theSpaceHawk GPS different than almost every other real-time tracking device is that it can be used to monitor the travels of a vehicle or a person. The GPS tracker provides flexibility to families who have a loved one suffering from memory loss because they can hard-wire the SpaceHawk GPS to a car, or give it to the elderly person to carry like an ordinary cellular phone. There really is no other elderly GPS tracker that provides as many options as the SpaceHawk GPS. The SpaceHawk GPS tracking system can record positions in two different ways:

  1. If the GPS tracker is attached to a vehicle the SpaceHawk will record a position every 10 seconds.
  2. If the GPS tracker is being worn or carried it will record a position every 20 feet.

The SpaceHawk GPS is about the size of a standard cellular phone or large pack of chewing gum, and was designed so small that so users can easily keep the locator in their pocket if they want to use the tracker for personal tracking applications.

With real-time updates, an internal battery that can stay powered for approximately 30 hours straight, and more, the SpaceHawk GPS tracking system is the GPS tracker of choice among families with an elderly person battling memory-loss.

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