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What Does a Car Tracking Device Look Like?

what do tracking devices look like

What Do Car Trackers Look Like?

GPS tracking devices are now used for a variety of applications from helping car dealerships quickly repo financed vehicles that are in default to construction companies track rental equipment. Unfortunately, real time GPS trackers are often used for some unsavory applications. That is why if you have ever thought, “I think there is a GPS tracker on my car and want to know what a tracking device looks like.”,  our security experts are here to demystify that question! GPS car tracker devices are typically small, black, portable, and potentially wireless trackers that can be equipped inside or outside of a vehicle. With so many different options, let us take a closer look at the different types of GPS car devices and explain what each looks like!

Identify The Most Used GPS Vehicle Tracker

SpaceHawk Hidden GPS Car Tracker

Hidden GPS Tracker For Car

  • Frequently Used To Catch Cheating Spouses 
  • Nearly Undetectable In Size
  • Waterproof With Surface Magnet So Can Be Hidden Anywhere On Vehicle 
  • Sends Live Location Of Where A Car Is Located 24/7


SpaceHawk GPS tracker is the most commonly used hidden vehicle tracking device to bust cheating spouses, identify problem employees, and alert parents of unsafe teen driving. Track any vehicle from your cellphone in real time without them ever suspecting a thing. There is nothing on the market as small and powerful as this mini tracker. 


What The 3 Most Used Car GPS Trackers Look Like

1. GPS Tracker For OBD2

The easiest GPS tracker to find on a vehicle, OBD2 tracking devices are small, black devices that plug directly into the OBD2 ports of cars. A GPS device that connects to the OBD2 port is live GPS vehicle tracking systems which means someone is remotely tracking the vehicle. These devices are typically used to monitor fleet vehicles. Below is a photo of what an OBD2 GPS car tracker looks like:

Connect GPS

2. Hardwired GPS Tracker With Engine Shut Off

Hidden GPS trackers that are hardwired to a vehicle are the hardest to locate because they pull power from the car’s 12-volt system and are commonly used for GPS fleet management purposes. This means the tracking device could be hidden behind the stereo, inside the dash, under the steering column, or some other location a professional installer chose to mount the device according to the make and model of the car. Below is a photo of what a hardwired GPS tracker looks like:

hardwired GPS tracker

3. Wireless GPS Tracking Device

Another type of tracker that can be difficult to locate on a car, wireless GPS trackers are portable, waterproof, and oftentimes equipped with an exterior magnetic mount. This means the wireless GPS tracking device can be placed inside or outside of a vehicle! Therefore, people would want to search under the car seats, inside the glovebox, and even underneath the automobile when looking for wireless realtime GPS trackers. Commonly used by private investigators and those concerned their spouse might be cheating, some of these vehicle trackers can not be found by a bug detector. Below is a photo of what a wireless GPS tracking device looks like:

Driving Activity Reporter

For more information on the most common places people put a GPS tracker on a car please click here

Car tracking devices come in many shapes and sizes but the most important thing to remember is that they are designed to be covert in nature. Therefore, finding a car GPS tracker can be challenging, but hopefully, now you have a better idea of what active trackers look like when scanning the vehicle!

Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On My Car Or Truck?

Locating Hidden Trackers Ov Vehicles

Where To Hide A GPS TrackerKnowing what a car tracking device looks like is good, but if you believe a hidden GPS is on your car or truck then you will need to inspect the exterior of the automobile or seek professional help to locate the GPS black box. However, if you want to perform the inspection for the GPS tracking system here are the spots we recommend you check first:

  1. Around The Rear Bumpers
  2. OBD Ports
  3. Inside The Glove Box
  4. Front Bumper
  5. Near The Spare Tire
  6. Underneath The Car (Hidden GPS Tracking Device)

Doing a visual inspection is the most effective way to locate a tracking device placed on your car since bug sweepers and electronic sweepers cannot pick up the low-level radio signals from passive trackers.