What Will Your Next Car Be?

What cars are better American or foreign?

Many economic indicators such as the jobless rate and core durable goods statistics have shown recently that at the very least we may have hit the bottom of the recession wave and may even be moving back toward growth and sustainability. With people potentially having more disposable cash to invest in large purchase items such as computers and vehicles, GPS tracking company Tracking System Direct would like to know if you had the spare money to invest in a motor vehicle would you purchase an American or foreign automobile?

The American auto industry took the first public relations hit when the CEOs for Ford, Chrysler, and GM fly to Washington on their private jets asking congress for a bailout to prevent corporate bankruptcy. After years of overpaying workers and unions, the American auto industry lost the ability to compete with automakers from Japan who gained in popularity among American consumers.

Then came the wild stories about Toyota vehicles having issues with their accelerators. The issue was the accelerators would become jammed, causing many people to lose control of their vehicles and crash. The situation resulted in the deaths of many American motorists.

Working in the vehicle tracking industry, offering consumers the best GPS trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key, Flashback GOS and SilverCloud tracker to families and businesses, Tracking System Direct would like to know what type of automobile you would invest in?

Would you choose an American car company that is only sustaining its business due to taxpayers, a Japanese car company where you could accelerate out of control to your death or maybe one of those KIAs?