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Where Do Private Investigators Put GPS Trackers on Cars?

GPS Tracker Under Car

How Do You Find a Hidden Car Tracker Placed By A Private Investigator?

When couples are going through marriage troubles they often times hire private investigators to find out if something is going on. By something, we mean cheating or other unsavory behaviors. Private investigators have the skillset to track your wife without her knowing, or catch a husband who might be cheating. And they do this through the use of a security product known as the GPS tracker. The reason is that GPS tracking devices allow a private investigator to track every location a person goes, which makes it easy to determine if a spouse is cheating. But what if you are not doing anything wrong and still believe someone hired a private investigator to track your vehicle? Then this is the article for you because we will provide the answer to where private investigators put GPS trackers on cars!

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How Do You Tell if A PI Is Following You?

The thought that someone hired a private investigator to secretly track your car might make the hairs on the back of your neck stick up at first. This is the reason people concerned they are being followed also ask the following questions:

  • Can private investigators read text messages?
  • Can private investigators spy on cell phones?
  • Can private investigators use GPS trackers?

The short answer is yes private investigators can use GPS trackers to track your vehicle, and for the most part, it is legal for them to do so. Private investigators are able to track vehicles by placing a real time GPS tracker on the car they want to follow, and then they can remotely track that vehicle 24/7 from a computer or cell phone. By using a real time GPS tracking device, private investigators can easily learn if a person is cheating. They can then use this data and combine it with more physical evidence such as photos to prove to their clients that their husband or wife is having an affair. 

GPS Tracker Under Car

Where Do Private Investigators Put Tracking Devices?

What if you are not cheating on your partner and believe that a private investigator has put a GPS tracker on your car? If you asked the question, “Where do private investigators put tracking devices?” the answer is simple: under the car. The most sophisticated real time GPS trackers used by private investigators are small, waterproof, wireless, and engineered with a surface magnet so they can easily be hidden under a car. This makes the GPS vehicle tracker very hard for a driver to find, but more importantly, it is a gray area legally speaking since the device was not placed inside the vehicle. Although most private investigator tracking devices are hidden under a car, it is important to remember:

  • Private investigators can hide GPS trackers in the glove box.
  • Private investigators can hide GPS trackers under a seat.
  • Private investigators can hide GPS trackers in the OBD2 port. 
  • Private investigators can hardwire a GPS tracker to a car.

What To Do If You Think A Private Investigator Put A GPS Tracker On Your Car

If you believe a private investigator has put a GPS tracker on your car the first thing you need to do is scan the vehicle from top to bottom and see if you can locate the tracking device. As mentioned above, private investigators can his GPS trackers in the glove box, under a seat, in the OBD2 port, and under the car. This means you will need to scan each of those spots thoroughly. If after a detailed scan of the vehicle nothing shows up but you still have concerns a tracker is on your car then the next step you want to take is to invest in a GPS scanner. These scanning devices, which can be found on Amazon, will pick up signals from a live GPS car tracker allowing a person to easily locate the hidden GPS tracking device on their vehicle. 

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