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Hidden GPS Tracker Busts Teen Driver

GPS Tracking Key Records Speeding Violations & Teen Party Spots

When News 5 decided to work with a local family in a part of investigative news stories about teen driving activity they turned to the universal monitoring technology used by big businesses and police agencies, GPS tracking technology. The family who took part in the story was given a vehicle tracking system called the GPS Tracking Key, a device widely used by parents to uncover the unknown driving behaviors of teens. The teenagers had their driver’s license and said they were staying safe when driving, but the concerned parents still placed the sophisticated monitoring device on the truck of their teenage driver. The teen who had the GPS supervised driving device on his car during the investigation was described by his mother as “a typical teen”. She explained that he would sometimes talk back to her and that she would never suggest that her son was perfect. As part of the investigation, the news crew explained that the parents were not allowed to inform the teen that his driving activity would be precisely monitored via GPS used to track teen drivers. After a few days of gathering data, the news team sat with the mother and father of the teenage driver and reviewed the data. What they discovered was that their teenage driver was not as safe or honest as he claimed to be.

Learning To Drive In A Modern World

We all know to wear seat belts, be courteous to other motorists, and be aware of pedestrian safety when driving. But when a teen starts driving in today’s world they are faced with many new problems their parents did not have to deal with. These challenges include:

  • Supervised Driving¬†
  • Alcohol Or Drug Influence On Social Life
  • Constant Monitoring Via Apps For Parents
  • Texting While Driving

Spying On Teenage Drivers

What are the signs of a troubled teenager?

Safe driving is a substantial concern for parents who have teenage motorists, especially if they are not showing the best driving habits from the start such as looking at their cell phone while driving. This is because the leading cause of premature death among teens today is still automobile accidents, and many automobile accidents teens are involved in are due to speeding or distracted/inexperienced driving. This was one of the primary reasons the parents selected to be part of the investigative story chose to agree to the application of teen tracking, an application that continues to grow in popularity among concerned parents, even those with little technical or computer skills.

When the parents begin meticulously reviewing the data they discovered that almost all of the locations on the mapping program were locations that the teen said he would be going, however, there were also some unidentified locations that showed up late at night that the parents discovered were teen party spots. Another alarming detail that surfaced after observing the data from the GPS tracker was that the teen was clocked driving over 90 mph during once stretch, something all parents can clearly state is more than stupid.

When asked about the GPS tracking data, the teen had a corybantic attitude, defending himself that the truck he drove never went as fast as the GPS monitoring device recorded. However, he did not want to elaborate on the unknown locations (party spots) documented by the tracker for fear of getting his buddies in hot water.