Where To Buy A GPS Bracelet


Personal GPS Tracker

3dmapThere are a number of reasons why consumers would want a bracelet or watch that offers real-time GPS tracking features. The reason for this is many families across the globe have elderly loved ones courageously battling degenerative memory illness such as Alzheimer’s who will routinely wander or become lost. There are also a large number of families with special needs children, whether it be Autism or Down’s Syndrome, that also can impulsively wander or run away. GPS tracking bracelets offer a solution to both of the above mentioned situations because the monitoring devices give parents, caregivers or family members the ability to instantly access where a special needs child, senior citizen or any other person is located at. Although the benefits of real-time GPS technology are clear, what isn’t so transparent is where the best place is to purchase these personal GPS systems.

Retail Store Locations

Consumers looking to purchase GPS tracking bracelets at any major retail chain will find disappointment. This is because most major retail outlets do not keep stock inventory of personal GPS trackers, or even offer the technology on their corporate e-commerce websites. The reason for this is due to the fact almost all major retail chains believe that personal GPS trackers are niche surveillance products with little consumer demand. Although it may be true that GPS tracking bracelets may not be as hot of a seller as flat screen televisions or DVD players, that does not mean the monitoring systems are not important or irrelevant. Simply put, it means consumers seeking the personal security and safety solutions will likely need to comb through GPS websites online in order to find the most reliable trackers at the best prices.

Searching For GPS Devices Online

With so many different websites online specializing in GPS technology, finding a reputable online store can sometimes be challenging. Here are a couple things consumers should look for when they are viewing GPS websites:

  1. Does The Company Have A Visible Contact Number?
  2. Are Representatives Available 7 Days A Week?
  3. Does A Rep Pick Up The Phone When You Call?
  4. Does The Website Have Visible Email Contact Information?
  5. Are The Products Made In The United States?
  6. Is Free Technical Support Available?
  7. Does The Tracking System Come With A Warranty?
  8. Does The Website Have A Professional Appearance?

The answer to all of the above questions should be yes. If any one of the questions is answered with a no than there could be some question marks surrounding the GPS company. The buyer should definite beware and investigate furthe

What Should A GPS Bracelet Cost?

GPS tracking system bracelets vary slightly in price, but the median price for such a personal tracker is roughly $349.00 per unit. The consumer should also be aware that any device the transmits real-time data will require a monthly data plan. Data plans typically run around $29.95 per month for service.

Finding a cost-effective and reliable GPS tracking bracelet may not be the simplest task, but with just a little bit of research it can be done. There are reputable companies with trained GPS specialists that can answer all questions so only work with a company that offers such services.