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Why Parents Should Use Spyware On Teenage Drivers

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Seatbelt Safety & Teen Driving Safety

Buckling Up Can Save More Than Your Life

The GPS car tracking experts at Tracking System Direct understand how unsafe driving practices among teens can result in sometimes fatal consequences. However, two of the most common and contributing factors that cause death from automobile accidents, speeding and not wearing a seat-belt, are things that can easily be remedied. Adults tend to be more aware of the potentially life-threatening dangers associated with driving too fast, texting while driving and not wearing a seat-belt. Unfortunately, teen drivers have little real-world experience and driving experience. Combine this with peer pressure, a sense of immortality or poor judgment and the results can be fatal.


Some parents have taken additional safety measures to ensure that their teenage drivers are driving responsibly by discussing the statistics associated with operating an automobile, or by placing spyware in the form of a teen GPS tracking system on their teen’s vehicle to observe driving behaviors. Although both of these avenues are great ways for any parent to get a better gauge on the driving behaviors of their teen and potentially prevent teen roadside accidents, the best way to increase the odds of living if someone is involved in a car accident is to wear a seat-belt.

Seat-belts can save more than your own life, they can save the lives of the passengers who are also in your car.

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Should Parents Spy On Their Child Essay

As a parent, every time my teen daughter tells me that she is leaving the house to go to a friend’s place I get a little bit nervous. I do not view myself as a person who excessively worries about things in general, but for some reason thinking about my daughter’s driving habits makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I know she is a good driver, but I also know that when teens hang out with one another they can oftentimes do things that could be easily classified as stupid. This would include things such as blasting the radio, texting while driving, talking on the cell phone while driving or speeding. However, I also worry about who my daughter could be hanging out with and the places she goes to.


After numerous sleepless nights, I finally decided to take action to alleviate my stress without going to the doctor to get a prescription of Xanax or some other medication that would make me go comatose. What I did was conduct research online about ways to monitor and improve the driving habits of teenagers, and what I came across was something called a personal tracking system designed to help parents learn more about what their teen is really doing.

Learn more about how to your teen’s car without them knowing!

Real-Time Car Tracker For My Teenager

Helping Give Parents Answers In Real-Time

My first thought about the people who utilized spyware GPS tracker technology was that they were probably private investigators, police agencies or people suspecting their partner was committing adultery. However, I was a little surprised to learn that normal middle-class, suburban parents were also taking advantage of the vehicle tracking technology to oversee the driving behaviors of their teens. When both parents and teens go through the process of a teen acquiring a license, a great deal of scary information is presented. This information includes the fact that the leading cause of premature death among teenage drivers is motor vehicle accidents! With parents worrying about whether or not their teen is driving at dangerous, operating a vehicle at unsafe speeds, or going to places that are considered by parental authorities as “off-limits“, tracking systems help provide clarification on the unknown driving habits of a teen motorist.

How Do I Monitor My Kid’s Driving?

Clearly, the reason why most parents turn to live GPS tracking technology is that they want instant access to what a teen is doing while driving. Parents want to be able to go to a computer or use their mobile communication device to find out what their teenager is doing, where they are driving, how fast they are driving and everywhere they have been. However, it is the many features offered by sophisticated spyware teen GPS trackers that excite parents in their quest to improve family safety. These features include:

  • Speed Alerts: Send instant notification to parents the moment a teen is driving too dangerously.
  • Virtual Boundary Alerts: Send instant notification to parents if a teenage driver is at a place they are not supposed to be at.
  • Multiple Reports: Detailed driving summary reports that show every address a teen arrived, stops a teenage driver made, speeds traveled and more.

All notifications can be sent through email or to a parent’s mobile phone, while live GPS tracking data and summary reports can be viewed by computer or mobile phone having Internet capabilities.

Through the use of spyware GPS solutions, a parent can easily identify if a teen is driving safely and responsibly, something that is important to every parent. Knowing that you will be alerted the moment a teen begins driving too fast or goes to a place they should not be going is something that can help every parent rest a little easier at night. With the help of GPS monitoring, a teen is only a mouse click away.

For more information on GPS teen tracking systems, please feel free to browse the teenage driving section on the Tracking System Direct website. Also, check out our article on keystroke loggers for parents who want to see what a teen is doing online!

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