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TSD Announces New GPS Tracking Partner

Wisconsin-Based Security Company Provides Peace Of Mind

surveillanceWhen it comes to security and surveillance, no company has received better marks and reviews than the Wisconsin-based Winnebagoland Security. What makes Winnebagoland Security Service different from many other security companies out there is that Winnebagoland Security Service is owned and operated by a retired police officer who spent years training and dealing with various sophisticated surveillance and monitoring tactics. With over 15 years of experience providing security work for both businesses and everyday folk, Winnebagoland Security Service has built a stellar reputation as a company that goes above and beyond the standard in order to get the job done right.

Personal Security & Surveillance

Unlike many other security and private investigation firms that only focus on niche surveillance, Winnebagoland Security Service provides everything and anything people could want from a private investigation company. In terms of asset and personal protection, Winnebagoland Security Service offers process of service, security officer protection, private investigation services, automation of employee recruitment, in-depth criminal background checks, tenant screening. volunteer background checks, GPS car tracking and more. Where most companies will only spend time emphasizing personal security, Winnebagoland Security Service focuses and specializes in alarm response, process service, investigations and backgrounds checks, offering businesses and everyday people an all-in-one security solution.

Quality Surveillance & Investigations Start At The Top

Another great thing about Winnebagoland Security Service that separates this surveillance and private investigation business from the competition is the hands-on approach the company owner takes to getting things done effectively. Ed Hofkens, the owner of Winnebagoland Security Service, knows a great deal when it comes to investigations, spending years on the force as an officer. Hofkens has a very detailed and deep resume that showcases his many skills and experiences in security and surveillance, His personal profile includes experience in crime prevention with a keen ability to implement innovative and effective security solutions, training in risk assessment with emphasis in recognizing process improvements and he is also a highly qualified and certified private investigator in the state of Wisconsin.

GPS Tracking Systems: Surveillance Tools

Although Hofkens and his security company have 15 years of experience and solid track record, that does not mean they are not always looking to enhance and improve their operations. One tool that has helped security and private investigation companies all across the globe are sophisticated monitoring devices known simply as GPS trackers. GPS tracking systems are great tools for P.I.s because they will document driving activity with precision and accuracy, recording addresses a person arrived/departed and more. What is even more amazing is that the car tracking systems can even be securely attached to the outside frame of any vehicle with the magnetic mount that is engineered on many trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key!

TSD is proud to announce that Winnebagoland Security Service will now be exclusively carrying our vehicle management systems in an effort to enhance surveillance techniques. Anyone interested in hiring a personal security guard, event security or a private investigator for another reason should contact Hofkens via email or phone. Winnebagoland Security will always treat you kindly, and with 15 years of experience backing them up you know they have the tools to get the job done.